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By Pica9 on January 13, 2023

How to Empower Local Marketers to Design Their Own Marketing Assets

Local marketing is an invaluable strategy that drives conversions, increases revenue, and improves the customer experience. To maximize the effectiveness of local marketing efforts, local teams must take charge when creating marketing assets and implementing campaigns targeted at a local audience.

A global company can only be responsive to the need for local promotions by implementing a system that is flexible, agile, and scalable. Each system should enable local marketers to create on-brand marketing assets with consistent messaging that reflects the local market in a timely matter.

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To empower local marketers to successfully access, design, and distribute materials that have been vetted and branded, an enterprise must provide:

1. Access

Access to on-brand, customizable materials is the first step in empowering local marketers to create assets that balance brand identity with local awareness. The executive marketing team can create core branded templates that are within brand compliance, and allow local teams to easily access approved marketing assets that can be customized to reflect the interests of a specific community to maximize local impact.

These assets may take many different forms – digital and print, online and offline – and can encompass many different aspects of an omnichannel strategy. For example, a corporate team may distribute an in-store display advertisement that can be customized to reflect a community event or interest; or it can provide a standardized framework around which a franchise can build a local website.

2. Training

A local marketing team can have access to marketing assets, but without the necessary skills or in-house talent, franchisees may struggle to develop local campaigns that deliver brand value. It can be difficult for a corporate-level team to assess the technical competency of individual franchisees, so it is important to ensure that training is available and utilized.

Oftentimes, marketing partners and software vendors already have training materials and support available for partner use. Rather than spending endless amounts of time and resources designing and executing extensive training programs for local marketing teams, franchises can leverage their relationships with distributed marketing partners for additional support.

By working with customer success managers and support teams, franchises can provide their local marketing teams with live or virtual training, video tutorials, and ongoing support.

(Check out CampaignDrive’s Training and Support offering for our valued partners!)

3. Streamline Workflows

To drive brand compliance across all franchise locations, local marketing teams need to be in sync with corporate headquarters to ensure all created materials are aligned in messaging and design. Leveraging marketing asset management tools that centralize all approved on-brand assets can streamline workflows for corporate teams and local marketers, improving productivity across all teams.

With these tools, local marketers can easily find and edit a marketing asset to make it specific to their local community or location, eliminating time-consuming one-off requests they would usually need corporate design and marketing teams to make. Since assets are pre-approved, franchise marketers no longer need to wait for asset approval from the corporate which can slow down a local marketing team’s ability to quickly respond to local forces like a competitor’s sale.

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4. Tools

Finally, to collaborate, design, and distribute marketing assets, marketers need to be given the proper tools to conduct these tasks efficiently. Local teams often use a number of design and marketing tools to handle a different task, but maneuvering between these disparate platforms can take time and disrupt marketing workflows.

To improve productivity and collaboration between teams marketers should have a centralized platform to gather and share important documents in a systematic manner. Distributed marketing platforms, like CampaignDrive, can provide franchisees with the necessary platform to facilitate local marketing efforts, including print advertising, in-store displays, direct mail, and a variety of digital marketing assets.

Another benefit to centralized marketing platforms is integration features. CampaignDrive integrates with a number of industry-wide design and marketing solutions to ease the shift between platforms and facilitate easy collaboration between marketing teams.

CampaignDrive is a distributed marketing platform that empowers local marketers to easily design their own marketing materials and aid in balancing global messaging with a local presence. With a scalable, flexible, and agile system of corporate-to-local marketing, our platform enhances marketing asset management across growing businesses for a unified consumer experience and simplified marketing design processes.

Request a demo with CampaignDrive to learn how our platform can empower your marketing teams to create their own assets and drive local growth.

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Published by Pica9 January 13, 2023