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Access in-depth training and personalized support

Maximize System Adoption and Effectiveness

Introduce key stakeholders — corporate leaders, brand managers, graphic designers, local users — to CampaignDrive. Our guided and in-depth training experiences drive increased adoption. CampaignDrive gives your business everything it needs to leverage the full potential of the software. Moreover, our support team is always available when unexpected issues arise.


System Onboarding

From system implementation to management, we'll help key stakeholders discover everything they need to know about the system.


Ongoing Training

Additional training can be requested at any point. We're happy to provide ongoing system refreshes and reinforcement. Empower your users to use the system.


Support and Troubleshooting

Our support and troubleshooting teams are always available to answer your questions or concerns. Simply call or email to speak with a customer support representative.

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Thank you for your prompt assistance in getting this issue resolved!
Electra K.
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Your excellent training has empowered us to not only support our franchisee requests, but to provide more campaigns faster.
Mairead R.
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Thank you for the prompt response, Jenny. I appreciate the information.
Katrina H.

Our Approach

Pica9 teams continuously collaborate and contribute to each other’s processes and deliverables to ensure the customer is always centric and new features and functionalities align with industry trends and market requirements.

  • The Product Management team is dedicated to creating superior products for our customers. We are a group of creative thinkers who are value-driven, agile, and open-minded. We put user experience at the forefront and are dedicated to finding creative ways to solve our customer’s challenges.
    Product Management
  • Our engineering team is dedicated to building innovative local marketing technologies that deliver enhanced value for our clients. We approach development using agile methodologies and principles to continuously improve CampaignDrive and fulfill business requirements.
  • The mission of the Production department is to build intelligent and innovative template architectures and content management solutions that help our customers maintain brand integrity while providing local marketers with the optimal combination of flexibility and ease of use.
  • The Customer Success team is focused on ensuring all customers realize the value of CampaignDrive. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) meet with customers regularly to evaluate progress against their goals and address any business changes that may affect CampaignDrive.
    Customer Success
  • The Pica9 Marketing team plays a fundamental role in developing positioning and strategy as well as promoting CampaignDrive. Through research, we work to understand industry challenges, and where we can provide the most value with our product.
  • The Sales team's mission is to understand the evolving local marketing needs and challenges of multi-location brands, and to help define the best application of CampaignDrive to those needs. We aim to achieve a partnership with our customers that goes beyond a conventional vendor relationship, to deliver exceptional value.
  • The Leadership team at Pica9 is a passionate, driven group focused on building excellence into Pica9. Whether it is our people, our products or our go-to-market strategy and execution, the Leadership team understands that there are always opportunities to learn and grow and that tomorrow represents an opportunity to be better with everything we do.
  • The objective of the Finance & Admin team is to serve as a partner to Pica9's various departments and customers. We provide transparency into the performance of the business, identifying and mitigating points of risk and helping to budget and forecast for future growth.
    Finance & Admin
  • Customer

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