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By Pica9 on September 17, 2020

Is Your In-House Marketing Asset Portal Working For Your Brand?

We know it can be hard to know if your in house marketing team is succeeding in supporting your local affiliates with a marketing asset portal.

You've made the investment, uploaded your assets, and on-boarded your users. Now what? 

It's critical that key decision makers and marketing professionals are able to know just how effective their marketing portal is in supporting their local affiliates. After all, local affiliates rely heavily on local marketing solutions to access the materials they need to drive revenue and see success.

We understand that many organizations are left in the dark about the health and usage of their marketing asset portal. Are you unsure if your marketing portal is worth the investment and having an impact on your bottom line? Do you want to be certain that users are finding value in your system?

That's why Pica9 created the Marketing Asset Portal Health Grade Calculator.

By answering just a few short questions about your current system, this calculator will shed light on how well your organization is leveraging and getting the most out of your marketing portal. With decades of experience, working with hundreds of systems and thousands of users, we'll help provide a personalized assessment on the health of your very own system.

Local Marketing Portal Health Calculator

The Marketing Asset Portal Health Grade Calculator takes into account a number of factors that are critical to the long-term success of a local marketing solution: 

User Adoption: How many people who have access to the system are using it on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. 
Asset Reuse: The more your assets get downloaded or utilized at the local level, the better return you'll see from the investment you made in them in the first place. 
User Experience: The satisfaction of users comes through in more than just Net Promoter Scores. You can also see it in the ways in which they find -- or fail to find -- the materials they most often need. 
Cost-Benefit: Any local marketing platform should reduce the cost of a field-level marketing execution by substantial amounts relative to manual methods. 

Achieve In-House Marketing Asset Management Success With CampaignDrive

Local marketing done right can be a huge win for your distributed brand. Major success lies in the hands of your local affiliates. With that being said what's a better way to ensure that they are succeeding than making sure they have access to tools that are having an impact.


CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a one-stop-shop marketing asset portal that allows distributed brands to successfully scale and launch on-brand, localized marketing campaigns. Speak with a local marketing expert to learn more.

BrandLab Free Trial CampaignDrive Brand-to-local marketing portal

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For many industry-leading brands, Enterprise Marketing Technology (EMT) tools enable teams to track, plan, and execute marketing. Check out this blueprint from the experts at Forrester to help your multi-located brand create an enterprise marketing strategy like no other.

Published by Pica9 September 17, 2020