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All Your Data In One Place

Harness all your key data by integrating Pica9 with a diverse set of sources and print vendors.


Sales Data

  • Integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business development tools including Salesforce and Pivotal.
  • Develop creative using accurate and dynamic information from integrated systems including personalized consumer data, agent names, pricing, photography, menu items, currency, and all sorts of other data.

User Data

  • Integrate with user identity managers, utilizing SAML 2.0 single-sign on (SSO), and other applications including Active Directory.
  • Customize every user interface through contact information and location data, so that end-users logging in only see creative relevant to their location.

Creative Content

  • Integrate with customer Product Information Management (PIM) systems and design tools.
  • Create and distribute relevant, thematic, and seasonal marketing for segmented user base.

Compliance Data

  • Integrate with workflow and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools.
  • Set up the enterprise-level approvals through core business processes. 

Campaign Activation

  • Integrate with print and merchandising vendors to seamlessly order collateral and activate campaigns.
  • Integrated print vendors including Reishling Press, Inc. (RPI), RR Donnelly, AS Hospitality, and many others.
The Local Marketing Playbook
Is inconsistent branding across locations negatively impacting the customer experience and your company's bottom line?

CampaignDrive Features

Dynamically customize campaigns with relevant local data, including names, addresses, photography, pricing, and more, without hopping through multiple systems.


Role-Based Permissions

Through SAML integration, CampaignDrive 'understands' the permissions of each user, and on log-in, users only access data based on their unique role.

Location Specific Creative

Creative is dynamically customized based on location to include only relevant data, including menu items, pricing, currency, photography, address, etc.


Distribution and Fulfillment

Activate collateral and direct mail through brand-authorized vendors.
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