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Local Marketing Partners

Activate Your Brand Locally—With Partners You Know and Trust

Executing polished and professional marketing tactics at the local level can be challenging. But with CampaignDrive, you and your partners can provide all the support that local franchisees, agents or resellers might need. 

Local Marketing Partners

Easy Print Integrations In Minutes

With CampaignDrive, you can plug your existing print vendors into the platform using simple, self-service tools. This creates faster, easier ordering for your local marketers, and the opportunity for volume price discounts as well. 

And since each vendor can manage their own product and pricing information, you can achieve these advantages with almost zero-effort on your side!

Build a Brand Store Quick & Easy

Add your vendor(s) of branded merchandise to your CampaignDrive platform to create an entire "brand-store" for your local marketers, faster and easier than ever before!

CampaignDrive gives you the flexibility to offer merchandise based on unit prices, or with volume discounts. You can also set up credit card or on-account billing to suit the preferences of your local marketers—and your finance department.

Delivery of Digital Assets Made Simple

CampaignDrive provides local marketers with a variety of tools to share marketing assets with their local media vendors, for fast and reliable insertion and activation. That includes vendor-specific "Boards" that allow marketers to collect assets and deliver/update assets whenever they need.

Create and distribute relevant, thematic, and seasonal marketing to a segmented user base in no time.

Local List Building — At Scale

For brands that use the email capabilities in CampaignDrive, we provide a complete list-management facility.

These tools can be offered up to local marketers themselves, or to list/agency providers to help drive local communications in a highly targeted and legally compliant manner. 

Landing Page Hosting Without The Hassle

Activate the Landing Page publishing capabilities in CampaignDrive, and you empower local marketers to build and publish dynamic, data-driven web-assets, secure in the knowledge that the user experience will be optimal.
The Local Marketing Playbook
Is inconsistent branding across locations negatively impacting the customer experience and your company's bottom line?

CampaignDrive Features

Dynamically customize campaigns with relevant local data, including names, addresses, photography, pricing, and more, without hopping through multiple systems.


Role-Based Permissions

Through SAML integration, CampaignDrive 'understands' the permissions of each user, and on log-in, users only access data based on their unique role.

Location Specific Creative

Creative is dynamically customized based on location to include only relevant data, including menu items, pricing, currency, photography, address, etc.


Distribution and Fulfillment

Activate collateral and direct mail through brand-authorized vendors.
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