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By Pica9 on December 31, 2020

Accelerate Content Creation: How to Streamline Your Marketing Workflow

A practical, effective marketing workflow is vital to the success of a franchise. Marketing can help you reach new customers, engage existing customers, and promote your business in a variety of ways. However, franchise-based companies face many challenges in creating comprehensive marketing strategies and optimizing marketing workflows between franchisor and franchisee.

A digital asset management (DAM) solution can help your company to meet these challenges by streamlining marketing workflows and creating a source of cohesive, yet customizable marketing assets to meet the needs of a geographically dispersed audience.

1. Create A Comprehensive Marketing Collateral Strategy

Often, a collateral marketing strategy may become fragmented, with headquarters and franchises having unclear, or potentially competing goals. When a marketing strategy becomes fragmented, communication between the home office and local sites can break down, and worsen over time.

The franchisor and franchisee must work together to correct this issue and ensure that the core marketing strategy serves the needs of the corporate office, as well as various affiliate locations. This strategy should include a clearly-worded, easily-understood marketing mission statement; a regularly-distributed marketing calendar from headquarters outlining promotional opportunities for franchisees; and a central source of digital assets that are available to be used in local promotions.

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2. Publish Relevant Content To Increase Engagement

Franchise owners tend to have many different priorities and assume a wide variety of duties in managing their business. With the pressures of staffing, sales, and customer service at the forefront, it can be difficult to prioritize marketing content creation. However, sharing unique, helpful, and relevant content through your franchise website and social media is a great way to drive business and increase sales.

One study found that 82% of consumers have purchased a company’s products or services as a result of consuming content marketing. The study also found that audiences that consume content marketing are more likely to revisit a website and advance through a company’s conversion funnel.

Franchisors can help franchisees to create engaging, high-quality content by providing a repository of materials in a DAM software, including ideas for blog posts, videos, social media, and other types of content that can be customized to reflect regional sensibilities and engage a local audience.

Distributed Marketing on Steroids

3. Use Segmentation To Increase Email Marketing ROI

Email marketing has the best-estimated ROI of any standard marketing channel. A recent study found that for every $1 invested in email marketing, a company could expect a return of $32.

Segmentation can increase this ROI even more in a distributed system, such as franchise-based operations. Without basic geographical segmentation, emails are created and distributed from a single source and will be less relevant and engaging to a local audience.

However, with segmenting capabilities, emails can be divided into groups based on geographic location, and customized to appeal to a specific region. Once that is complete, an email list can be segmented further, based on demographic indicators, shopper history - using available data to craft a personalized email marketing message for that specific audience.

A DAM solution can be helpful in this situation, helping to preserve brand equity even in the creation of variable email campaigns. The corporate office can provide content for franchises to use in the crafting of email campaigns, standardized but personalization capabilities. This capability helps to preserve the unique voice and look associated with the brand experience while building a marketing campaign designed to appeal to a specific audience.

This blend of standardized and personalized content is a difficult balance for franchisors and franchisees to achieve. Without a clear strategy and the correct tools in place, a company may find it difficult to encourage franchisees to undertake local marketing efforts and even more difficult to preserve a strong brand identity while empowering local voices.

A digital asset management (DAM) solution can help a company to find the correct balance, streamlining marketing workflows to make easily-customizable marketing assets that are consistent with brand identity. The DAM solution not only provides a centralized repository of assets, but they can also automate portions of the marketing function, increasing efficiency throughout national and local marketing efforts.

CampaignDrive is a distributed marketing platform that helps franchise businesses centralize marketing assets for improved collaboration and brand compliance between corporate and local marketing teams. CampaignDrive streamlines franchise marketing initiatives for enhanced efficiency and ease.

Learn how your franchise business can benefit from centralizing your franchise marketing efforts with CampaignDrive. Request a demo of our platform today.

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Published by Pica9 December 31, 2020