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We meet people all the time that are on this local marketing journey. What I hope with this podcast is that we meet people who are in the midst of that journey. Sometimes they've selected a solution and they're two years into really trying to get maximum value from it. Maybe they're just beginning to think about moving from manual processes. But, what I hope they get from the podcast are concrete perspectives from people who are doing it and people who have done it. People who will talk to the human factor in creative operations, not just the technology factors.

Every single franchisee has a different local situation that they're dealing with. A lot of similar situations to others, but to try and think that you can approach it from a cookie cutter standpoint is not the right way. Sure, the brand has to be the foundation and you shouldn't deviate from brand standards. However, I can't say enough how important it is to make sure that you have that localization.

I'll go back to really looking at our brand and content marketing teams and having the DAM set up so it helps them solve business problems. That's really where I want to focus. Apart from technology, new features and functionality, that's not where my focus is right now. It's leveraging what we have today to drive the business forward because that's still a big opportunity for us.

kevin Michele Whaley Preston Anderson Marriott
Kevin Groome, Founder and CEO of Pica9
Michele Whaley, Director of National Marketing at FYZICAL
Preston Anderson, Director for Global Marketing Support and Deployment Services at Marriott


The Creative Operations Podcast by Pica9

Join Pica9 founder, Kevin Groome, in this brand new podcast series, as we chat with creative operations leaders in a variety of industries. From franchise, finance, healthcare, hospitality and beyond. Join us as we look to uncover best practices and keep a pulse on the latest and greatest distributed marketing trends.

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