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Deploy brand assets across your marketing network more quickly and easily than ever before.

Brand Asset Management Features

With CampaignDrive, you've got the ability to fine-tune the experience for your local affiliates, to make them more effective and more efficient marketers. We'll set up a test campaign to show you exactly what that means!

Deliver The Right Assets To The Right Places

Most DAMs make assets too hard for local users to find. CampaignDrive empowers you to build user experiences that make intuitive sense.

Mix Assets & Templates In Campaigns

Print and digital, dynamic and static, all work equally well in CampaignDrive. That means less searching and more effective brand activation. 

Create Easy Access for External Partners

CampaignDrive lets users pin assets to publicly available boards, so websites, publications, and partners have fast, transparent access.



Organize Your Brand Assets So People Can Actually Find Them 

The number one complaint local marketers have about traditional DAMs is that assets are too hard to find and use. CampaignDrive empowers you to create an information architecture and vocabulary that works the way your local marketers think. That means better adoption, more downloads and document generation, and greater ROI.

Marriott Manages a Global Brand With CampaignDrive


Return on Investment


Hotel Properties Worldwide


Distinct Brands

The Local Marketing Playbook
Is inconsistent branding across locations negatively impacting the customer experience and your company's bottom line?

"Our landing page generator is a game changer for our local marketing teams. It makes them more nimble and responsive — and saves tons of cash at the same time!"

Meghan D, Senior Content Strategist at Marriott International



"De Vere hotels are unique, each distinctive in its own way. CampaignDrive empowers each property to build creative around their unique character, while maintaining the overarching De Vere values and brand standards."

James P, Director of Marketing at De Vere Hotels

"It has been great to see the growth in the portal month to month, and wouldn’t be possible without the help from the entire Pica9 team."

Nikki Nielson, Team Lead at Polaris


"With CampaignDrive, we can easily support our dealers with co-branded materials to represent both Marvin and the dealer. The platform allows for non-editable parameters to ensure branding is consistent, such as font, colors, and sizing, while accommodating for customization for each dealer including their name, logo, tag line, contact information."

Lisa Morse, Senior Manager, Marketing Services at Marvin

"The CampaignDrive tool is incredible. Our franchisees have been ecstatic with it since day one. And for the team at HQ? The admin tools are a dream!"

Mark Newlin, Manager of Marketing Technology at Frontburner Brands

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