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Choose the plan that’s most comfortable for your brand. Upgrade anytime.


For smaller communities that need great brand-to-local support.


per month, billed annually
as low as $50 per user

  • up to 50 Users
  • 10k Assets
  • 25 Smart Templates

Includes 30 days of
On-Boarding Services


For smaller communities that need great brand-to-local support.


per month, billed annually
as low as $20 per user

  • up to 250 Users
  • Unlimited Assets
  • 100 Smart Templates

Includes 60 days of
On-Boarding Services


For larger brands that need nimble marketing operations.


per month, billed annually
as low as $15 per user

  • up to 500 Users
  • Unlimited Assets
  • 500 Smart Templates

Includes 90 days of
On-Boarding Services


For established brands with large franchise or dealer networks.


based on your user community and brand-to-local needs

  • 500+ Users
  • Unlimited Assets
  • Unlimited Templates

Includes 120 days of
On-Boarding Services

Every Plan Includes

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my free trial of CampaignDrive last?


Our policy with the free trial is "free for as long as your brand needs." Some customers need just a few days or weeks to validate that CampaignDrive is a good fit for their workflows and local marketing communities. Other customers may need several months to show their BrandLab to various stakeholders. Our aim is to make the trial process as comfortable as we can.

Request a Demo

What's included in my CampaignDrive on-boarding plan?


On-boarding plans vary with the size and complexity of your brand community and asset/template library. But all plans include:


• Site Architecture Consulting

• Content Modeling

• Brand Creative Analysis

• Brand Font Installations

• Interface Consulting

• End User and Admin Training


To get a clear expectation for your on-boarding process, just select the pricing plan that fits best and click the "See On-Boarding Plan" button. 

Can I import my Indesign files into CampaignDrive to use as brand-to-local templates?


Answer: Yes. Click on the Admin link in the CampaignDrive nav bar, and then go to Layout Template Composition. Click the "Import" button to begin the process. 

You can also attend our Weekly Office Hours, for live training on template composition, brand asset management and other brand-to-local skills. 

Can you show me a CampaignDrive set-up that's similar to the one I would need?


We would be delighted to provide a walk-through of a live instance of CampaignDrive. To set this up, just Request a Demo

Not sure which plan you need?

Request a free assessment from one of our sales representatives.