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By Parris Johnson on July 13, 2019

3 Tips for Implementing a Franchise Marketing System

Franchise marketing systems are becoming more important to corporations with multiple locations.

Franchise marketing has traditionally been a corporate function, designed and controlled by a central department in order to build a brand, and maintain consistent messaging. However, consumer expectations are changing, and customers are no longer satisfied with a national brand’s products trickling down to a local franchise. Customers want to feel confident that any national brand’s product is meeting their unique needs.

By implementing a franchise marketing system that allows for open communication and collaboration between national headquarters and local marketers, enterprises can harness the power and insight of their local partners to amplify the brand within their communities.

Today’s customers expect franchises to be hyper-localized and targeted to specific regional preferences, to be demonstrably a part of the local community. This can make franchise marketing systems more complex.

A corporation still must create a cohesive brand compliance that spans all consumer activities utilizing a franchise marketing system. Brands must remain consistent through new types of interactions: online through websites and social media, as well as in-store; branding must now be flexible enough to incorporate local content marketing initiatives as well.

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3 Key Tips For Implementing A Franchise Marketing System:

1. Local Content Marketing

According to one report, 82% of smartphone users rely on search engines to locate a reputable local business, and that mobile devices are expected to influence $1.4 trillion in local sales by 2021. Having a top position in the list of search engine results could be the defining competitive edge in the local market, making localized content marketing crucially important to an overall franchise marketing strategy.

2. Franchisor Support

It is up to the corporate marketing department to ensure that the franchise marketing system have the tools to facilitate customization of marketing assets, and that local marketers are trained and advised to use those customization tools.

In addition to tools and training, some ways that a franchisor can support local marketing efforts include regionalizing media buying, so that franchisees can pool resources to create marketing campaigns that speak directly to the unique needs of potential customers throughout a specific region.

Another method for supporting implementation franchise marketing system is to localize pay-per-click and social media advertisements, so that approved corporate content can be visible and promoted at local events.

3. Local Audience Interaction

A franchisee should take every opportunity to interact with their local audience. Not only should they focus on providing a superior customer experience during in-store interactions, they must also keep a close eye on social media and online reviews.

92% of consumers now read online reviews, and 68% say that a positive review makes them trust a local business more. And the power of the smartphone should not be underestimated: consumers who read reviews on a smartphone are 127% more likely to make a purchase than those who read reviews on a desktop. Ensuring each franchise has positive reviews that can be easily accessed by a smartphone search is a vital component of the franchise marketing system.

Implementing a Franchise Marketing System with CampaignDrive

Implementing a franchise marketing system, like CampaignDrive, in the modern business environment is far more complex than it was twenty years ago. Consumers expect a personalized, local experience from a national brand, which must be balanced with an organization’s need to create a consistent, positive customer experience through a multitude of different channels.

However, the same technological advancements that have caused the change in customer expectations can also make deploying a localized franchise marketing system easier. By ensuring that local franchises have the tools and training to create a localized experience for customers, a franchisor can support local marketing while maintaining a cohesive national brand.

Distributed Marketing on Steroids

CampaignDrive empowers local franchises to have the resources and assets they need, without having to wait for design or approval from the corporate office. Franchises can easily choose from various pre-approved, branded, assets on the platform to quickly and seamlessly launch local campaigns.

Schedule a free demo today to learn how CampaignDrive’s franchise marketing system can help local marketers easily launch timely campaigns.

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Published by Parris Johnson July 13, 2019
Parris Johnson