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By Pica9 on June 12, 2024

4 Benefits of Brand Compliance Systems for Design Teams

A brand compliance system enables designers to focus less on administrative tasks and more on their actual job description. The job of a design team can be stressful enough; from multiple requests sent by various departments to edits and suggestions from executives, time is usually not on a designer’s side.

Fortunately, a brand compliance system relieves many of the daily stresses and repetitive processes from a designer’s day. Below, find four benefits of brand compliance systems for the design team.

1) More Time for Innovation and Creativity

A brand compliance system eliminates countless hours of back-and-forth communication. Instead of creating an asset, emailing it to the team, receiving and answering questions from various sources, and making revisions, a designer can simply upload an asset to the system for team members to access on their own.

Local marketing teams know the asset is approved and ready for use, so they don’t need to communicate with the designer at all. With the time saved, designers can do what they actually love: create. The design team will have more time for innovation and creativity, which adds a lot of value to any campaign.

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2) Higher Quality Work

With less time spent on repetitive administrative tasks, designers have more time to focus on the work at hand, which produces higher-quality work. Instead of just trying to get assets out the door quickly for marketing teams, designers can take the proper time they need to create assets, templates, and more.

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3) Ability to Meet Deadlines

Missed deadlines can also cause backlog throughout an entire organization, delaying the launch of timely campaigns. Brand compliance systems help design teams meet deadlines faster and communicate with the corporate team as a whole.

4) No Stress About Approved Assets

No designer wants low-quality work to go live. Mistakes like this can make a company look unprofessional and can even send the wrong message to potential consumers.

A brand compliance system means designers don’t have to worry about sales reps or marketers using unauthorized or "off-brand" assets. All approved content is uploaded to the system so team members know which assets are approved to use, improving compliance throughout the organization.

Since designers deal with a lot of stress, implementing a brand compliance system, like CampaignDrive, is a great way to relieve some of the daily frustrations. The system streamlines processes by allowing designers to upload pre-approved assets that are aligned with the company’s brand.

Team members across various departments can quickly access and customize these documents to include the content they need. This frees up designers’ time so that they can rapidly meet deadlines and work more creatively to help produce dynamic campaigns.

Request a free demo with CampaignDrive to learn how a brand management platform can streamline design processes, enabling your design team to redirect their time to more impactful projects.

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Published by Pica9 June 12, 2024