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By Pica9 on June 18, 2018

4 Tactics to Streamline your Local Marketing Strategy

Employing successful local marketing strategies can be tricky for marketers trying to engage a nearby community while abiding by corporate guidelines.

Most importantly, marketers at headquarters need to ensure all of their affiliates run successful campaigns to drive business.

While this is crucial, marketers don't always have the time or resources to manage each local strategy. Luckily, there are local marketing tactics that both corporate and franchise marketers can employ to streamline these efforts.

Here are 4 tactics to streamline your local marketing strategy:

1) Understand Audience at a Local Level

It’s essential that local marketers understand their community and target demographic on a local level as these are the people that will purchase or utilize their product or service.

Local marketers should take time to investigate their prospective buyer personas (semi-fictional profiles of ideal customers) to discover what marketing elements will resonate with the audience the most. After compiling research and analyzing data on these ideal customers, local marketers can gain a good sense of how to generate a successful targeted campaign.

2) Create Assets on a Corporate Level

Asking local marketers to create assets and then approve them by corporate can be confusing, cumbersome, and time-consuming for both sides. Most corporate marketers do not have the bandwidth to edit every asset developed over numerous locations.

Instead, corporate marketers should look at creating editable assets and loading them onto a digital asset management software, which affiliate marketers can then access. Local marketers then have a bevy of pre-approved assets to choose from, where they can add in their local spin while saving time and reducing stress.

3. Use a Combined Strategy for SEO

Corporate marketers should create an SEO strategy that works on a national or international level, but local SEO is crucial to a robust marketing campaign. Similar to the 2nd tactic, corporate marketers can develop guidelines on SEO tactics that local affiliates can then use on a local level. This makes the process smooth for local marketers and saves time across divisions.

4. Use a Combined Strategy for Advertising

As with an SEO campaign, advertising will work on both a national and local level. Corporate marketers will not know the keywords or images that resonate with local audiences, but they can provide best practices and tips on how to run a successful advertising campaign on a local level through marketing automation platforms.

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You probably get the big picture by now. When corporate marketers provide local marketers pre-approved guidelines, templates, and best practices, it saves everyone time and energy.

Now how can you streamline the distribution of those key assets to local marketers? 

Using a system such as a digital asset management tool and marketing automation platform like CampaignDrive, both teams can seamlessly communicate and access assets when necessary. 

local marketing automation blue print

CampaignDrive, by Pica 9, is a platform that streamlines marketers ability to create and launch successful local marketing campaigns. By using the platform, local marketers can access and leverage brand compliant marketing resources when needed. Without having to wait for approval from corporate offices, local marketing teams can streamline the creation of their campaigns to quickly respond to local trends.

Schedule a free consultation with CampaignDrive to learn how the platform can help streamline your local marketing strategy, reducing the time it takes to launch campaigns.

Published by Pica9 June 18, 2018