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By Pica9 on January 30, 2023

Brand Guidelines: Fonts and Colors Within CampaignDrive

The foundation of every brand guideline “bible” are the fonts and colors used to express the brand. (Note: We often use the terms “typeface” and “font” interchangeably these days, and will do so here, but for a more formal distinction, see this great article: The Difference Between Font and Typeface.

Used consistently, brand fonts and colors help to make your brand immediately recognizable to your prospects, customers, and employees. As such, your brand-to-local portal should utilize those elements reliably and consistently, and it should make it easy for your local marketers to do the same. 

Here’s how CampaignDrive fulfills those two important needs. 

  • Colors: CampaignDrive allows brand managers to define the colors that can be used in documents of all kinds—online and traditional—to ensure that the brand’s palette is used consistently in a disciplined way. The system prompts you to define your colors in the three most commonly used color spaces—CMYK, RGB, and grayscale—so that you can determine precisely how the brand will be expressed in both digital and traditional environments. And, it allows you to apply those colors both to background accent elements and to typography. That means you can give your local marketers some freedom to use colors to improve the impact of their communications while resting assured that the brand voice will still be consistent always and everywhere that marketing communications might appear. 
  • CampaignDrive also empowers you to install the fonts/typefaces that you want your local marketers to employ, and to ensure that no other off-brand fonts are available for use. This is great not only for ensuring brand consistency and integrity but also for minimizing the risk that your brand fonts will get used in off-license ways that might spell legal trouble for the enterprise. (For a great guest post on font licensing, click here.)

With this support for brand fonts and colors, CampaignDrive achieves one of the most important jobs of the "brand bibles” that enterprises used to publish and distribute at such great expense some years ago. But where those guidelines simply defined the rules regarding fonts and colors, CampaignDrive actually enforces the rules—and makes brand compliance the path of least resistance and greatest ease of use. That’s a win for local marketers, brand managers, and customers alike!

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Published by Pica9 January 30, 2023