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By Pica9 on July 23, 2019

How In-House Agencies Can Optimize Internal Workflows With Enterprise Marketing Management

Enterprise marketing management (EMM) is an incredibly important and highly visible business function: one whose effects can be felt throughout the entire organization, impacting branding, sales, growth, and the bottom line.

An effective enterprise marketing management strategy is composed of inbound strategies - content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing; as well as outbound strategies to improve and promote multi-channel marketing, brand awareness, and brand diversity. More importantly, marketing teams must be flexible, constantly adapting to new characteristics of the business environment affecting a company, brand, and product.

To manage these diverse, and sometimes competing priorities, an enterprise marketing team must have effective, optimized internal workflows to ensure all parts of the organization is supported by corporate to create and execute great marketing campaigns.

The Challenges of Streamlining Internal Workflows at Enterprise Companies

Without solid workflows, an enterprise in-house marketing team is likely to experience breakdowns in communication, which result in interpersonal problems within the team; inefficiencies in the allocation of budget, employee time and effort; and missed deadlines, eroding overall confidence in the marketing function.

Managing marketing efforts across a distributed network of affiliates can be even more complicated. Different locations require customized marketing assets, but managing brand compliance across several regions or countries is a resource-intensive endeavor.

A common workflow challenge enterprise businesses face is creating marketing assets, like flyers, menus, email templates, for local teams. Not only do corporate marketing and design teams have to create the asset, but there’s typically a number of one-off copy change requests from franchise locations that corporate teams must respond to. It's easy for in-house creative teams to be inundated with making local iterations to pieces of marketing collateral. 

While these edits and typically minor, they waste hundreds of hours of corporate designers and marketers a year, wasting valuable time, money, and impacting their ability to focus on driving growth at a larger scale. While it’s vital to ensure local teams have on-brand assets in a timely manner to respond to local forces, these request can slow down internal processes, marketing campaigns, and create a bottleneck for productivity.

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How In-House Marketing Teams Can Optimize Internal Enterprise Marketing Workflows

Ensuring that workflows are clear, efficient, and consistent is one way to manage a diverse set of priorities with authority and control while ensuring that team members can still complete required tasks efficiently and with a minimum of oversight.

Enterprise marketing management tools can help an organization create, oversee, and maintain brand messaging and assets across a distributed structure, with a variety of locations or affiliates.

With enterprise marketing management software, local teams can easily access and edit marketing assets without the need for corporate teams to make changes for them. Companies can also manage campaigns across multiple channels including online and offline, ensuring consistent brand management and reinforcing the customer relationship.

Making the effort to create effective workflows is difficult to prioritize, however, it can result in increased efficiencies, better use of resources, clarified responsibilities between team members, and a reduced need for managerial oversight of lower-level functions.

Optimizing internal workflows to combat this issue can be done using distributed marketing platforms like CampaignDrive to foster enterprise marketing management by centralizing access to marketing assets across business locations and affiliates. All branches of an enterprise can ensure assets are brand compliant while collaboration among local teams become more efficient.

CampaignDrive is a distributed marketing platform and strategic partner for enterprise businesses looking to maximize their brand’s value for local impact. Our platform enables enterprise marketers to create on-brand collateral, easily collaborate with local teams, and instantly disseminate marketing assets across business locations.

Learn how distributed marketing platforms can accelerate your enterprise marketing initiatives and strengthen brand compliance across your local teams. Request a demo with a CampaignDrive expert today.

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Published by Pica9 July 23, 2019