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By Pica9 on July 09, 2019

How to Find the Best Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solution

Are you ready to scale your multi-located enterprise just like the world's most successful businesses including Marriott, Polaris, The Melting Pot, and others?

If you haven't heard, digital asset management solutions continue to gain the attention of distributed marketers are large and globally recognized brands. And if you haven't invested in a digital asset management solution for your own distributed organization, you could be missing out on a valuable opportunity to increase brand awareness, deliver powerful customer experiences, and improve marketing performance. However, finding the "best" digital asset management solution requires some serious time and energy commitments.

What are the mission-critical steps that your multi-located brand needs to take to find an ideal distributed digital asset management solution?

5 Steps to Find the Best Digital Asset Management Solution

Here is the path all successful distributed organizations follow to find a DAM:

1. Outline Goals and Objectives

Start by outlining your goals and objectives. What do you want to accomplish with a distributed digital asset management system?

The goal with any digital asset management solution is to support local marketing execution. CampaignDrive allows users to create "collections" for local users. From there, local users can take a few basic marketing actions including customizing, downloading or ordering marketing assets. Additionally, our software enables brand management teams to add details and descriptive information to assets and campaigns. This can help guide your users through local marketing execution.

2. Align With Local Marketers

More often than not, local marketers are not the marketing maestros that we need them to be. As such, management of regional and local teams takes a bit of patience. To pick the "right" distributed digital asset management solution for your multi-located brand, we recommend taking the time to align with your local teams.

What pain points are local marketers experiencing? Understanding local marketers' frustrations when it comes to marketing campaign activation will help you to prioritize the digital asset management solutions that best solve their challenges.

3. Create a File Naming Structure

You'll need to come up with a file naming structure well in advance of system adoption. Without an organizational hierarchy in place, your local marketers will have difficulty sourcing and using creative assets. The smartest distributed marketers infuse the following into their file naming structure:

  • Project or campaign name
  • Type of asset
  • Date or time
  • Location

Many distributed organizations create 2-digit code to indicate collateral type: WP for whitepaper, PP for presentation, PR for press release etc.

4. Create a Partner Short List

After you've outlined digital asset management goals and objectives, aligned with local marketing teams, and created a basic file naming structure, it's time to research potential software providers and create a partner short list.

We recommend checking out these best digital asset management vendors including Aprimo, Cognizant AssetSERV, Media Beacon, OpenText, and Adobe.

The enterprise digital asset management vendors on this list are great for keeping corporate files in check, but when it comes to delivering enterprise marketing and design specific tools and functionalities, CampaignDrive is an ideal marketing solutions vendor for many enterprise and multi-location businesses.

5. Invest in a Software Trial

After you've narrowed in on a few software providers, ask for a free trial or walkthrough. It's the simplest and easiest way to learn more about the software without having to make a significant capital investment.

Use this as an opportunity to learn more about the software's biggest advantages and most popular features. Ask customer support teams to provide hands-on training. Be sure to talk about your brand's specific challenges and ask for some clarity around the software's ability to address your unique pain points.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Multi-Located Brand With DAM

Unfortunately, simply investing in a digital asset management solution doesn't necessarily mean your multi-located brand will achieve marketing stardom. Success is only achieved when you make the "right" investment and use the product in a way that meets your brand's unique needs and requirements.

Finding the best digital asset management solution for your business can support your brand's need for both offline and online marketing execution. In our experience as a recognized brand management software provider, we've seen thousands of local marketers leverage distributed digital asset management with a ton of success.

And your local marketers can too!

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Published by Pica9 July 9, 2019