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By Pica9 on June 20, 2018

Brand Compliance Definition: The Importance for Marketers

The brand compliance definition can vary from company to company, but the basic concept remains the same:

Brand compliance ensures continuity in marketing campaigns across corporate and local affiliates and confirms corporate and local marketers adhere to specific standards for all distributed assets.

Marketers working for brands with multiple locations, locally or globally, often find themselves needing a way to create and distribute assets with a unified company vision. Developing brand compliance helps to achieve this and provides peace of mind. Let's dive a bit deeper into the importance of  brand compliance for marketers.

Why Brand Compliance is Essential for Marketers

Companies with local affiliates often struggle to find ways to create consistent branding that stretches across every location.

Local marketers may have different ideas than corporate marketers on what appeals to the community around them. Corporate marketers don't always have the time to interact daily with local marketers. Especially for companies with thousands of locations, this would be an impossible undertaking. The solution to this problem is to establish and maintain brand compliance.

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Brand compliance guidelines help manage brand consistency at a local and regional level. With the addition of brand compliance software, businesses can create a seamless workflow for marketers all under one tool.

Download the 5 Step Roadmap to Brand Consistency

Through a brand compliance system marketers can easily:

  • Adhere to guidelines to understand whether or not a concept fits with the overall company vision.
  • Utilize a system, like a digital asset management platform, that holds approved digital assets for local marketers and maintain access to approved images, videos, and copy that already meet branding standards.

Brand compliance helps marketers create and distribute assets with a united vision that customers instantly recognize no matter where they are in the country or world. For example, a restaurant that has locations all across the nation uses the same branding for each location, though certain local touches are added to campaigns to meet local needs and wants. This ensures customers recognize their brand anywhere because they keep the main marketing elements consistent.

Brand compliance makes sense for marketers that want to give customers a reliable experience. Furthermore, this type of system allows marketers to work together no matter their location.

Distributed Marketing on Steroids

CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a cloud-based tool for national marketers to deliver on-brand messaging in local markets. The software centralizes assets for all of an organization’s stakeholders to access and collaborate on marketing or business materials, logos, fonts, videos, and other digital assets. An organization can upload brand compliant templates and messaging for national and local marketing teams to utilize throughout their campaigns.

Schedule a free consultation with Pica9 to learn how the platform can help your organization maintain brand compliance to improve your customers’ experiences.

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Published by Pica9 June 20, 2018