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By Kevin Groome on May 31, 2013

Consistent Branding – with a Local Twist

Pica9 is proud to announce that long time CampaignDrive user Steven Brier, sr. manager global marketing solutions & support for Marriott International, was recently featured in Hospitality Magazine. With several thousand local Marriott properties worldwide each having their own unique marketing needs, Brier is familiar with the challenges associated with strategizing for a major brand with a proportionately sized field marketing community.

His feature in the most recent issue of Hospitality Magazine gives a unique insight into “how technology can establish consistent branding with a local twist”.

Many major brands face the same challenges and pit falls that Brier and the Marriott team deal with on a daily basis- so how has local marketing automation and CampaignDrive technology made their lives easier?

Brier points to centralization of marketing production as a main instrument for cost-saving in shipping, design agency fees, and printing expenses.

He adds that when dealing with franchise locations in the hundreds, maintaining the ability to “customize branded content in ways that showcases their local market and their individuality” is key for local locations. The flexibility that a local marketing automation platform delivers in this respect while maintaining brand voice control has made a noticeable impact on their marketing efficiency.

With the modern consumer base ever changing and a new generation buying and booking more spontaneously, Brier also highlights the importance of a marketing platform to allow field marketers to adapt as quickly as his customers. Technology that facilitates easy real time interactions and quick offer submission aids in the brand’s ability to reach their consumers in multiple places at once.

Published by Kevin Groome May 31, 2013
Kevin Groome