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By Pica9 on May 30, 2019

What is the Best Cloud Digital Asset Management System in 2019?

Have you considered investing in a cloud digital asset management system for your multi-located brand? More than 70% of businesses and organizations use at least one cloud-based software application to power core business functions.

Unfortunately, within the distributed environment, on-premise software, only accessible at headquarters, has no real value for local marketers or franchisees. As such, prioritizing a cloud-based or remote software solution is paramount to distributed marketing team success.

However, with thousands of solutions to choose from, how do you know which digital asset management tool is right for your multi-located brand?

What is the Best Cloud Digital Asset Management System?

To make your search easier, we've compiled a list of mission-critical digital asset management features to look for. With some certainty, prioritizing the features on this list will position your brand for expert creative execution and management.

To further guide your efforts, we've even added a few industry-leading cloud digital asset management providers to the list. In most instances, these software providers offer free, limited-time trials.

Let's get started.

6 Features of a Leading Cloud Digital Asset Management System

These are the best features of any leading cloud digital asset management system:

1. Templates

In most instances, local marketers and franchisees don't have any experience in graphic design or creative management. As such, a cloud-based digital asset management tool should come well-equipped with easy-to-use templates. With template "rules" infused directly into the brand creative, local representatives can make simple modifications while simultaneously adhering to brand standards.

2. Structured Content Management

An industry-leading digital asset management tool makes it easy to organize and manage written content. In most cases, digital asset management tools come equipped with a standard content management system. However, providers typically offer advanced integrations with more robust software solutions.

3. Fulfillment Capabilities

A digital asset management tool should make it easy to use completed templates, through print vendor integration or fulfillment workflows, email sending, landing page publishing or hosting, banner ad display networks, and more.

4. Payment Processing

Most digital asset management tools offer payment process features that allow local marketers and franchisees to purchase print materials and other creative assets.

5. Permissions Structure

A digital asset management tool should equip brand management teams with permissions control features. This enables/disables access and use of content and assets. In turn, local affiliates can create, manage, and deploy on-brand creative.

6. Reporting

Reporting allows brand markets to monitor activity by local affiliates in aggregate. Additionally, brand management teams can drill down on creative usage patterns and modification of assets, templates, and content areas. Typically, teams use this information to craft more relevant and useful brand creative.

Distributed Marketing on Steroids

6 Industry-Leading Digital Asset Management Providers

These are the best digital asset management providers:

1. WebDAM

WebDAM is a standalone digital asset management solution designed to meet the needs of large, multi-national brands. This tool is relatively easy to use and manage. It is a cloud-based tool available as SaaS via web access. Many consumer-focused brands that choose this product are drawn to the simple user interface, powerful integrations, and more.

Popular features include a digital asset library, asset metadata, asset lifecycle management, discovery and search options, and tools for multiple asset formats. WebDAM works with notable enterprise brands including Tobasco, Norwegian Cruise Line, Alaska, Kawasaki, and Starbucks.

2. MediaValet

With relatively low introductory pricing, MediaValet's unique cost structure includes pay-as-you-go for storage and add-on features. In addition to standard digital asset management capabilities and features, MediaValet offers built-in integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud, Oracle, Drupal, and Hootsuite.

MediaValet currently partners with Susquehanna University, Dupont, OSF Healthcare, Hard Rock Hotel, and others.

3. Percolate

Percolate offers an end-to-end content marketing suite. A standard digital asset management tool with an additional focus on production and publishing, Percolate can easily scale to meet the digital needs of most businesses and organizations.

More than 600 brands are powered by Percolate, including Cisco, Mazda, and Levis.

4. Workfront

Workfront is an integrated, SaaS-based digital asset management tool focused on the process of content production. Workfront offers a multi-channel digital asset management solution for both asset approval and internal distribution within the enterprise. Access built-in workflows with options for asset planning, campaign planning, work queues, and even highly complex approval workflows.

5. Widen

Widen offers digital asset management solutions to power brand management, creative workflows, and content lifecycles for the world's most powerful brands, including Brooks, Organic Valley, Great Clips, Trek, and others. In most instances, Widen handles a lot of digital content production, including design, workflows management, and more. Widen makes it easy to create a searchable library of brand assets, publish content across different channels, and review project files.

6. CampaignDrive

CampaignDrive is a SaaS-based digital asset management provider purpose-built for distributed or multi-located businesses and organizations. This tool comes standard with a suite of impressive local marketing automation tools.

With dynamic, end-to-end access to brand control mechanisms, brand management teams have the oversight needed to distribute and execute on brand, localized marketing. This includes templating, structured content management, fulfillment, sophisticated permissions structures, workflows, reporting, and more.

Partner With an Experience Digital Asset Management Provider

For many corporate leaders, brand managers, graphic designers, and local marketers within the distributed environment, investing in a cloud-based digital asset management system is a logical step towards expert creative execution and control.

The fact is, cloud-based tools provide access to geographically distributed teams. Additionally, prioritizing remote digital asset management tools makes for easier software adoption, implementation, and management.

To maximize your chances for distributed marketing success, we recommend downloading our free guide: Distributed Marketing on Steroids. In this guide, we'll teach you how to boost your local marketing efforts and excel like Marriott, Polaris, Adecco, and other major brands.

Distributed Marketing on Steroids

Published by Pica9 May 30, 2019