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By Parris Johnson on September 21, 2018

6 Habits of Successful Content Creators

Successful content creators have certain behaviors which empower them to take advantage of opportunities presented by content marketing. The creation of relevant, quality content can help a company to increase visibility in search engines, drive referral and social traffic, strengthen brand messaging and customer relationships, and increase lead generation.

To execute successful content marketing campaigns, good content creators follow these six habits:

1. Focus on Customer, Rather than Product.

Great content comes from a deep understanding of the buyer, and addresses specific questions or provides relevant valuable information pertaining to their needs. Customers will have different needs, questions, and requirements depending on which stages of the buyer’s journey they’re in. Successful content creators will consider the customer journey, and create different types of content including blogs, content offers, and email nurture series based on the varying circumstances of each stage.

2. Constantly Review Analytics

It is important to always monitor data analytics in order to identify opportunities for fresh, relevant, engaging content. Check which topics and types of content perform the best with your audience and continue to build additional content around similar topics. This also provides you an opportunity to see which content isn’t resonating with your audience you can optimize it to increase engagement.

Google search results favor fresh, long-form content; and if a reader finds content relevant and interesting, they will subscribe, browse, or come back for more.

3. Deliver Consistent Brand Messaging

Maintaining a consistent brand message and tone serves several purposes. Most importantly, it strengthens the overall brand and the competitive differentiators of a product. Brand compliance also helps to create a solid omnichannel experience for customers, helping to build trust and reinforce the belief that positive interactions can and will be repeated.

Make sure that your content marketing assets not only use a consistent message and tone, but that the design, fonts, and color schemes are also consistent.

4. Adjust to Distribution Channels

Understanding that different distribution channels, like social media, email, advertisement, etc., require different messaging and design tactics. Take social media marketing for example. The audience for a LinkedIn advertisement most likely expects content related to professional development, while on Instagram, they expect visual content. A successful content creator is able to adjust their work based on what viewer expectations for various mediums.

5. Document Your Strategy

Documenting a written content marketing strategy helps a content creator to refine their focus, ensure they’re varying topics, publish consistently, and collaborate more efficiently. Regardless of the time frame of your content strategy, be sure to include a range of content forms including content offers and blogs that speak to each of your brand’s personas and every stage in the buyer’s journey.

A well thought out content marketing strategy also allows marketing teams to set well-defined goals and the steps needed to reach them. Key performance indicators are also in place to measure progress over time.

6. Effective Project Management

Research from the Content Marketing Institute has shown that effective content creation blends creativity with efficiency. For example, 88% of top performers value creativity and craft in content production; and 70% of top performers have excellent or very good project management skills.

To drive efficiency and properly manage the sheer volume of content being created daily, distributed marketing management platforms, like CampaignDrive, are often used. By centralizing digital assets into one platform, content creators can find, share, collaborate, and distribute content across multiple business locations.

CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a distributed marketing platform that is designed to empower content creators and marketers to manage digital assets while maintaining brand compliance across business sites.

Request a demo with a CampaignDrive expert to improve the way your team manages and shares content across your national and local locations. 

Distributed Marketing on Steroids


Published by Parris Johnson September 21, 2018
Parris Johnson