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By Pica9 on November 07, 2023

6 Benefits of Self-Service Marketing [Updated 2023]


The most successful distributed brand managers know that local marketing is a necessary part of a national and global marketing strategy, as consumers look for a personalized and tailored experience that is relevant to their needs and specific to their location.

Organizations are looking towards self-service marketing to streamline processes for local teams and facilitate local efforts at the corporate level.

However, deploying a local marketing strategy across the distributed network can be challenging for corporate marketing teams. To maximize the chances of local marketing success, local marketers need to carry their weight.

That's where self-service marketing comes into play.

6 Benefits of Self-Service Marketing

With self-service marketing, local franchises have access to pre-approved and compliant marketing assets and templates. With target messaging and the ability to customize local details for a personalized brand experience.

When properly implemented, self-service efforts for franchise and affiliate marketing brings a ton of value to distributed entities.

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Here are the top six benefits of self-service marketing:

1. Lower Costs For Localized Marketing:

Self-service marketing can help an enterprise to control costs in two main areas. First, a local audience is segmented by geography, and second, targeted campaigns can run at a lower price with better ROI than mass-market campaigns.

Low-cost, high-impact channels for local marketing efforts include social media, local websites, and community event sponsorships. These tend to be lower-cost channels than traditional print or media promotions but have a high ROI in a local market.

A business can also save money on advertising promotions by pooling resources for several affiliates located within a specific geographic region, increasing the purchasing power of a single location while still maximizing the impact of local messaging.

2. Increased Productivity

With the correct self-service tool, marketing processes become streamlined for faster outputs. Local marketers can create on-brand marketing communications quickly, without the need for further involvement at the corporate level.

This also allows corporate marketing and design teams to maximize their productivity and focus on more strategic initiatives. Since local teams already have access to a range of editable and approved marketing assets, they no longer need to make one-off edit requests which are extremely time-consuming for corporate teams to manage, especially when there are hundreds and thousands of franchises.

3. Improved Brand Equity

A global organization can improve speed and responsiveness to local markets with marketing assets that can be customized by the local team. Brand equity and integrity can be balanced with local flavor by sending a consistent, but not identical, message to each market.

4. Enhanced Analytics

Self-service marketing, when combined with robust analytics tools, offers numerous opportunities to gather valuable customer journey insights. Corporate marketers can also track local campaign metrics to gain a deeper understanding of geographic performance, helping refine marketing strategies.

5. Increased Local Sales

As consumers use digital channels to research products and services before purchase, having relevant local websites, social media and search engine optimization (SEO) becomes more important for businesses.

Google found that nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches are related to location and that 2/3 of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose digital channels are customized with location-relevant information.

6. Improved Time to Market

Self-service marketing allows multi-located businesses to experience improved time to market. For example, a pharmaceutical company relies on quick campaign activation in time for flu season. When the brand fails to deploy flu campaigns in a timely manner, there's a ton of lost revenue.

In this scenario, instead of focusing on updating campaigns for each location, corporate designers can focus on more important brand-building activities. Each location can self-serve and that frees up designers to create more campaigns.

Distributed Marketing on Steroids

Enable Local Self-Service Marketing With CampaignDrive by Pica9

Balancing the needs of corporate messaging with local promotion can seem complicated, but with the right partner, marketers can improve leads and sales while providing improved productivity among affiliate teams. Self-service distributed marketing tools, like CampaignDrive powered by Pica9, allow local marketers to create, collaborate, and distribute marketing materials across disparate teams for local personalization.


CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a Software as a Service (SaaS)  distributed marketing platform. It helps corporate and local marketing teams create, collaborate, and distribute digital assets efficiently. Improve your responsiveness to local market forces with personalized collateral and maximize your brand value with timely, relevant, and on-brand campaigns.  Give your local marketing teams the self-service tools they need to implement impactful campaigns.

To get started, we recommend taking our tool out for a free test drive.

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Published by Pica9 November 7, 2023