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By Pica9 on July 31, 2023

Unlocking Marketing Efficiency: 3 Clear Signals Your Company Needs a Powerful DAM Solution

From content management to brand consistency, there are several pain points that could be addressed with a Digital Asset Management system.

A number of issues could suggest the need for a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution; Have you ever had trouble when you’re searching for a specific piece of content? Has your organization ever had to face fines for copyright infringement? Perhaps you or someone in your organization published a piece of content using an incorrect version of an image? If any of these sound familiar, you’re reading the right article. With goals like search engine optimization and market positioning in mind, more and more companies are beginning to become major creators of original content - meaning that they’re taking on the responsibility of managing vast amounts of marketing assets (images, documents, videos, etc.). As the level of content being produced increases, so does the large quantity of digital files that each organization is responsible for managing. Without a system in place, this could (and typically will) prove to be overwhelming.

Luckily for us, not only do these systems exist, but they also carry a wide variety of features that make managing these assets as maintainable as you could want them to be. Digital Asset Management software gives organizations the ability to contrast, sort, archive, and distribute virtual assets. Many larger organizations already have these systems implemented, and the systems have proven to be a fundamental element of their organizational architecture.

Here are 4 of the reasons a DAM system could be right for you:

1. Multi-Channel Marketing

Distributing your marketing content over multiple channels using a digital asset management solution is not only time-efficient but also quite cost-effective! Typically, companies that navigate in a digital space (in any capacity) are responsible for operating websites, landing pages, SEO pages, on top of a slue of social media channels; The more channels you’re marketing on, the more sense a DAM system makes. This is because a digital asset management system can integrate with other systems such as a cloud server or content management system, and the information will be stored in a centralized location - the DAM system. Since the DAM is integrated with multiple channels, users can view all of the content for said channels using the platform.

2. Centralized Structure

Having a centralized structure for your information is pivotal to the success of your marketing assets. Digital files necessary for marketing activities should be available to all who need them, and with a centralized structure, all assets are made easily available to everyone who can access the platform. Imagine an organization in which only the marketing director knew where to look for marketing assets. That’s not very efficient at all. To make matters worse, without a DAM platform in place, the marketing director likely has the assets stored within an intricate series of folders in Google Drive or Dropbox. Now imagine this marketing director leaving the organization, how could we expect anyone else to find those assets?

3. Asset Rights & Permissions

Remember when I mentioned copyright infringement earlier? Well, rights management is one of the most important functionalities of a proper DAM system. Users on a DAM system can be assigned to different roles, and those roles can be used to control who has access to what assets, as well as how the assets can be viewed. The DAM system also manages the license agreements for the assets it houses; Said assets are automatically archived once their licenses expire, saving your organization legal costs by protecting it from copyright claims.

If your company is both active digitally and managing a sizable amount of assets, then a DAM system could make your internal workflows much easier to navigate. One of the leading DAM solutions you could implement is CampaignDrive by Pica9.



CampaignDrive is a platform designed to help improve brand compliance, increase agility, and improve the ROI of marketing assets for multi-locational. Our flexible marketing platform allows corporate marketing and design teams to upload pre-approved branded assets for local teams to leverage at a regional level to streamline marketing asset creation and improve consistency. Corporate teams also gain visibility of asset performance on key assets to optimize marketing spend and drive better results.

Request a demo with our expert team to discover how CampaignDrive can help your distributed marketing team become more agile.

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Published by Pica9 July 31, 2023