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By Parris Johnson on December 18, 2018

3 Branding Tips For Small Businesses

These local marketing tactics will increase brand advocacy and drive customer engagement for your small business.

In this digital era, small-business owners are finally seeing an effective means for growth in emerging technologies and methodologies. Utilizing strategy, and producing original content, small-businesses are able to pull their own weight against larger competitors within their industry while still attaining brand equity and advocacy. Here are some tips on how you can experience growth in clientele and impressions for your small business.

Your Brand Looks Great … But Who is Seeing It?

When everything is said and done, why does it matter how consistent and quality your branding is if nobody can see it? Exactly, the most important element to any brand is visibility. As a marketer or owner of a small-business, you should be doing any-and-every-thing possible to increase visibility on your brand. The best way to do this is a mix of original content creation, engaging branding strategies, brand compliance, and search engine optimization. Your branding potential increases vastly if you make visibility a priority. For more on making your brand stand out above the crowd, check out this article.

AI Is The Name Of The Game

At this point, it’s pretty clear that artificial intelligence isn’t going anywhere. AI has made marketing automation pretty-much standard in larger corporations, though small-businesses can reap the benefits of AI as well! With artificial intelligence, digital marketers now have insight into their consumer base and can create the most efficient messaging/content to access them. It’s important that you identify your buyer personas, and AI makes finding and communicating with your audience easier-than-ever. If you don’t know who you’re supposed to be talking to, it will be difficult to communicate with your audience. Communicating with clearly-defined buyer personas can expand your reach with little effort. This article from Forbes is an interestesting read on buyer personas and branding, check it out.

Your Face Can Leave A Lasting Impression

An in-person interaction with a potential client or content subscriber will leave a much longer-lasting impression than an email will. While this may seem old-fashioned in this digital era, your direct marketing strategy should be just as thorough as your digital marketing strategy. In fact, these strategies can complement each other when executed properly. For example, your social media channels are excellent tools to plan and announce events within your community. You could plan a meet and greet, or perhaps you could set up a pop-up shop and sell exclusive merchandise! Not only will this work to strengthen the relationship between your brand and audience, but will also allow you to hone your brand personality, and become more comfortable with reaching out and building a rapport with the community. Both your approach and overarching message will improve the more familiar you become with your audience.

All the same, industry conferences and other speaking engagements are another amazing way to leave a lasting impression on potential consumers. It’s great public-speaking practice as well as some opportunity to make money!

These tips can do wonders for the reach and engagement of small-businesses, for more tips on small-business marketing, check out 3 Tips To Ensure Your Small Business Website Is Efficient.

Published by Parris Johnson December 18, 2018
Parris Johnson