Local Liberty

within brand boundaries

Freedom within a framework. It’s what we believe. It’s what we do.

Generic, brand-issued materials no longer sit well with today’s savvy consumers. But ceding too much creative control to your local marketers can lead to troubling inconsistencies that dilute your brand.

Pica9’s local marketing automation systems can be configured to strike just right balance between brand integrity and local control for each client community. We know that a one-size-fits-all platform is not the answer, so we work closely with you to fine tune the organization of your resource libraries, the structure of your approval and trafficking workflows, and the kind of creative capabilities you offer the field.

The result: a fast, easy to use, and highly secure local marketing toolkit that helps your local marketers meet their customers where they live, and helps your brand achieve a whole new level of reach and relevance.

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Brand Fidelity

with point-and-click ease

Beauty, it’s true, is in the eye of the beholder. But brand is in the mind of the consumer. And that means your local marketing automation system has to handle even the most subtle of brand elements with almost-obsessive care.

Can you support the use of registration symbols with just the right amount of superscript to make your brand-compliance people happy? Can you mandate the use of kerning pairs, to ensure your locally crafted headlines and subheads pass muster with the creative team? Will your system allow you to fine tune your RGB-to-CMYK conversion scripts, so what your local marketers see on screen really IS what they’ll get on press? And if a local marketer is building a long-form proposal on the fly, will your LMA implement page breaks with the rules and sensitivity that you’d bring to the project if you had to do it by hand?

With Pica9, you can do all that, and much more.

And what that means is you can feel more comfortable about providing your local marketers with more creative control. Because it won’t mean creative compromise.

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Platform Flexibility

makes configuration easy

You know the old, unpleasant choice. You can either squeeze yourself into an off-the-shelf system that takes no notice of your brand’s unique needs. Or, you can spend hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of dollars building a home-grown solution and then maintaining and enhancing it for years.

On both counts, we can only say, “yecch.”

That’s why we built our CampaignDrive platform with an easy-to-extend architecture that makes configuration feel less like major surgery—and more like a visit to one of those great suit shops on Savile Row.

With CampaignDrive you get a great, powerful platform that gets stronger with regular updates and new standard features.

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115 Brands and Counting

In a field as complex and fast-moving as local marketing automation, there's no substitute for experience. So, it's good to know that Pica9 has designed and deployed systems for more than 115 brands—many operating in locations around the globe.

From the professions of law, medicine, accounting, consulting and financial management, to industries as technical as computer hardware, commercial security,and enterprise software, to categories as broad and consumer-focused as restaurant, hospitality, and fitness, Pica9 has developed an expertise that is both broadly applicable and yet deeply specific to our clients' business needs.

And with each new implementation, we develop new insights and add new features to the CampaignDrive platform, to ensure that our capabilities keep pace with the changing needs of our clients and their local marketers.

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