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By Parris Johnson on June 14, 2018

Why is Brand Compliance Important for Designers & Marketers

We experience brands constantly throughout our everyday lives, but many of us hardly stop to think: Why is brand compliance important?

Many organizations operate nationally and throughout local markets across the world. Brand compliance ensures continuity across corporate and local affiliates. Maintaining a consistent brand, especially regarding written and visual assets, creates a consistent customer experience making the company recognizable to their customers to help foster brand loyalty and trust.

Brand compliance keeps teams across multiple locations on the same page day-to-day and protects the integrity of your company’s communications, images, and reputation.

Below, we have outlined a few ways brand compliance affects company decision makers and strategic thinkers on both the design and marketing side of the business.

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Why is Brand Compliance Important to Designers?

Design teams across industries work diligently to create unique visuals and carefully branded elements for businesses that resonate with key customers. Once these visual assets are ready to distribute, designer on the corporate level want to make sure only certain elements are editable to preserve their hard work, while also providing these resources to local partners for personalization and use.

Adhering to brand compliance initiatives is vital and provides a way for designers to distribute assets while maintaining integrity to their work.

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Why is Brand Compliance Important to Marketers

Just like designers, marketers want the ability to maintain brand identity while also personalizing assets to speak specifically to the local markets they operate in.

Marketers are often continually updating assets and materials for their company, including collateral, presentations, menus, business cards, and more. Approvals can be time-consuming and entail a lot of edits for those working with many different stakeholders.

Brand compliance ensures consistency happens from corporate headquarters to local franchises. Corporate marketers can ensure brand compliance for local marketers by creating messaging and copy that’s approved for franchises to use and, like designers, make only certain elements editable. Combined with the approved visuals, approved branded copy gives a consistent view of the business that makes it recognizable to consumers.

CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a distributed brand management software that allows franchises to house all digital marketing material on one platform to ensure brand compliance. Designers upload pre-built and pre-approved templates for flyers and emails with the proper logos, fonts, color schemes, and messaging making it simple for marketing teams to leverage marketing materials without compromising brand compliance.

Discover how Marriott International leveraged CampaignDrive to help ensure brand consistency and streamline creative production at the local level or schedule a free consultation with a brand management expert to learn how the platform can maintain brand compliance throughout your organization.

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Published by Parris Johnson June 14, 2018
Parris Johnson