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By Pica9 on September 03, 2018

Tips for Streamlining Marketing Workflows

Streamlining marketing workflows increases efficiency and productivity for marketing teams and supports long-term organizational goals. By removing wasteful, redundant work, teams can free up the time to focus on more strategic projects that drive growth and help your company stay competitive.

While implementing marketing workflows may take time and research to find the proper solution and efficiently set it up, they serve as a way to save valuable company resources. One study found that effective use of marketing resources can reduce campaign costs and cycle times by up to 33%.

A well-communicated strategy with clear business goals is essential when implementing and maintaining successful workflows. If your business is ready to streamline impactful marketing workflows, here are some tips to consider:

1. Define Current Processes

The first stage in any large-scale streamlining project is to figure out the purpose of current workflows to pinpoint and define areas of improvement. If workflows aren’t in place yet, figure out what would be most beneficial steps to improve marketing efficiency for your team. This includes finding opportunities for improving manual processes, redundancies, errors, or areas of wasted time and effort.

2. Automate

Automating repetitive manual tasks frees up valuable employee time and resources for a more productive department focused on higher-level objectives. Marketing tasks that can be partially or fully automated include:

• Customizing creative for every location
• Content scheduling and promotion
 Lead nurturing
• Email / triggered emails
• Lead management
• A/B Testing
• Progressive profiling

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3. Set Roles, Goals, and Measure Results

Streamlining your marketing team processes is a great way to start optimizing time while making work easier. Start by prioritizing the most important marketing projects and identifying the roles of the individuals involved. Clarify their specific responsibilities, set goals and expectations, and measure performance from start to finish.

What obstacles are slowing down projects? Are employees having a hard time finding the right marketing assets they need to move forward? Are branding guidelines unclear, causing constant back and forth communications to get things done? Tracking these issues and measuring progress can help marketing leaders make strategic decisions for putting better tools in place or possibly hiring additional staff to lighten workloads.

4. Improve Collaboration

Marketing and design teams across multi-location businesses utilize a growing number of productivity tools for collaborating on content design, messaging, overall brand compliance. Between phone calls, emails, instant messaging, USB drives, and cloud services, valuable information and files can live in a variety of platforms and often slip through the cracks, causing errors and wasting valuable time and resources.

To improve collaboration between disparate teams, a central distributed marketing platform, like CampaignDrive, can become the single recognized source for all digital assets. Corporate and local marketing teams can easily find, share, and upload marketing documents across an organization to improve accountability, brand compliance, data management, and streamline workflows for enhanced productivity.

Incorporating these four tips into marketing workflow strategies makes implementation and maintenance of workflows easier, improves collaboration between marketing and design teams, and provides key insights into performance metrics. With clearer end-to-end views of marketing impact on business goals, your whole company will feel the positive impact of these streamlined processes.

CampaignDrive is a distributed marketing platform designed to streamline marketing workflows across multi-location businesses. Our centralized platform brings together content and files from across marketing teams for easy management, dynamic customization, and collaboration amongst team members.

For more information on how CampaignDrive can streamline marketing success for your business, request a demo with CampaignDrive experts today.


Published by Pica9 September 3, 2018