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Marketing Asset

CampaignDrive is a marketing automation platform that enables corporate brands to develop and distribute customizable marketing assets to local partners for local campaigns.

Corporate marketers are tasked with the responsibility of creating marketing assets that project the brand’s vision and objectives while speaking to the value that the brand provides to its customers.

Marketing assets that promote the brand’s products or services, such as brochures, flyers, menus, and more should be consistent in messaging, tone, and visual design to engage customers and establish trust.

Maximizing Marketing Assets

Since marketing assets take considerable thought and time for designers and marketers to develop, making them available to reuse in local markets is an effective way for businesses to maintain brand consistency and prevent corporate designers from having to respond to too many one-off requests from the field. Instead, corporate designers can focus on innovating new materials or focusing on higher level strategic initiatives.

Franchise or local marketers who have the flexibility to customize branded materials with templates provided by the national headquarters can launch and run campaigns quicker, and ensure brand compliance through unified messaging and design. 

How Can Marketing Assets Be Managed And Distributed?

Large franchise companies typically run multiple promotions and advertisements at once. With so much to manage, corporate marketing and design teams cannot field every individual marketing asset request from branches throughout the country or across the globe.

Creating centralized and editable marketing assets allows local marketers to quickly develop on brand marketing assets for local campaigns. Creating the infrastructure for efficient collaboration between headquarters and local franchises can be a challenge for marketing teams to do without the right marketing automation tools.

Digital asset management (DAM) software is one effective tool for centralizing and storing a company’s marketing assets. This software streamlines the asset creation process, eliminating the need for corporate offices to allocate time to respond to small requests from various franchises, like an address or contact information update.

With DAM software and other marketing automation tools, like CampaignDrive, national brand managers can upload marketing assets that franchisees can access on the cloud from any location. Franchisees or local marketers can then customize, download and use those marketing assets for their local campaigns.

CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a marketing automation platform that ensures content meets brand compliance standards across the organization to maximize the effectiveness of local marketing campaigns. Our platform, along with our team of customer success experts drives partner success through:

  • Consistency in messaging and design by leveraging a variety of features including digital asset management, reporting, and analytics.

  • Empowering local marketing departments with the tools to execute impactful campaigns while maintaining brand integrity.

  • Eliminating inefficient workflows and time lost from managing field requests and increase expenditures in areas that drive revenue for your business.

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