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By Pica9 on February 11, 2020

5 Great Print Marketing Materials Distributed Brands Should Invest In

For many distributed brands, print marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels out there. In fact, according to recent reports, print advertising has dropped only slightly in the past several years, but is expected to remain stable at nearly $24 billion per year through 2021.

So, what does this all mean for your multi-location brand?

As an industry-leading brand management software provider, we've worked alongside some of the world's largest brands. These brands almost always utilize a multi-channel approach to marketing. Moreover, we've seen first-hand how these brands leverage the power of print to achieve amazing marketing results.

5 Great Print Marketing Materials Your Distributed Brand Needs

1. In-Store Pamphlets

An in-store pamphlet is one of the easiest ways to let prospects and customers know about your unique business and its services/products. As a best practice, always include a compelling image on the front, briefly state the purpose of the brochure, include contact information, and always incorporate a call to action.


Unfortunately, most pamphlet design tools are difficult to use. To make matters worse, local affiliates are rarely the design and marketing professionals that corporate teams need them to be. However, when backed by a complete brand management solution, corporate teams can upload pamphlet templates, "lock" mission-critical features, and allow franchisees to add a touch of localization.

2. In-Store Signage

Don't skimp on the in-store signage! From way-finding signage to informational signage, signs are an integral component of any franchised location. Additionally, signage serves as a valuable brand-building opportunity. Think about it this way - signage should be a reflection of the unique brand. As such, branding and messaging should be aligned with the brand's philosophy. Never leave your branding or marketing to chance! With a brand management solution like ours, corporate teams can enforce brand standards automatically.

3. Business Cards

Unfortunately, business cards are often overlooked as a top print marketing piece. Franchisees need business cards to promote their local business. Additionally, owners use business cards during networking events or community gatherings. It's a simple and effective way to get the word out about the local business.

Unfortunately, sometimes local affiliates put out their own version of a brand business card. In most cases, these business cards diverge wildly from brand standards and guidelines. With a complete brand management tool, corporate teams can easily upload a business card template – it's that easy!

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4. Mailers

Is print marketing really dead? We may be living in the digital age, but print marketing campaigns are still just as powerful. In fact, the act of physically engaging with print marketing items like menus, rack cards or print mailers has been shown to increase customer recall.


A print mailer is a simple and effective way to introduce seasonal sales, exclusive promotions, new products and much more. Moreover, with a brand management tool like ours, brands can easily integrate with print and merchandising vendors to seamlessly order collateral and active on-time campaigns.

5. Order Forms

Finally, distributed brands absolutely need to invest in print order forms. Aside from selling goods, an order form may be used to sell services. For example, printing franchises use order forms to capture order information such as paper type and dimension. In short, an order form helps to summarize customers' needs.

CampaignDrive Powers Effective Print and Digital Marketing

There's a reason why more and more multi-location brands choose to partner with us to activate results-driven print (and digital) marketing campaigns. In seconds, your corporate design team can upload high-value print marketing templates right into the software. From there, your local affiliates can add simple customizations.

To get started, we recommend requesting a free demo. In this personalized demonstration, we'll show you the platform in action, give you an opportunity to ask questions, and show you how our tool enables distributed brands to market and sell more effectively. Are you ready to begin?

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Published by Pica9 February 11, 2020