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By Kevin Groome on August 27, 2021

Modular Content Makes Hotel Landing Page Creation Easy

In hotel marketing, brand-compliant landing pages are a fast and cost effective way to drive occupancy—provided your properties have the right tool for the job. Here's how Marriott International meets the need. 

According to expert estimates, close to 75% of hotel demand is driven by online activity. For decades now, leading hotel companies like Marriott International have led the way in this transition from traditional to digital marketing—which is why Marriott.com consistently ranks near the top of the list of e-commerce websites on the planet.

But the hotel website alone isn't always well-suited to the sorts of offer-driven and targeted strategies that many hoteliers need to use in response to local competitive threats and fast-changing conditions. This is particularly the case in the pandemic era, when travel restrictions and guidelines require nimble response. 

What local hotel managers and regional marketing managers need is a fast, easy, and brand-compliant way to build local landing pages outside the traditional hotel website infrastructure. 

And that's where Pica9 local marketing technology comes in.

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Build a Hotel Landing Page In Seconds.

Our Landing Page Generator allows individual hotels and regional marketing managers to point and click their way through the creation of a landing page, built on a brand-approved template, and populated with automatically curated property content. 

Moreover, the system allows users to instantly publish their page to a pre-approved subdomain of the master brand, so that customer confidence remains high. The tool also provides integrations back to the main hotel website, to help drive room and rate searches that are fast and tailored specifically to the user's travel needs.

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Modular Content Is The Key.

Landing page tools are, of course, readily available in today's martech universe. What makes the Pica9 Landing Page Generator different is the depth of integration with the master brand's technology infrastructure—and its approval workflows. This allows Marriott to strike the right balance between property-level autonomy and brand-based quality control. 

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Checking Off All the Brand-Critical Boxes. 

One of the aspects of the Landing Page Generator that's most popular with brand authorities is the way in which it automatically applies critical elements (privacy policies, GDPR compliance statements, etc. ) to each page created on the system. This means that users can focus on the revenue-driving aspects of their landing page, secure in the knowledge that all the security and regulatory requirements have been met.

Just as important, local properties can produce their landing pages without the turnaround time and service fees associated with a traditional agency-based method. Those savings can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per page—and tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings per year. 

Branded Landing Page Templates Can Evolve At the Pace of Business.

From the brand's perspective, the Landing Page Generator makes it easy to update the look and feel of brand landing pages. New templates can be installed and tested in as little as a day—and then released to beta user communities to test their impact prior to general release. Borrowing a page from Agile methodology, marketing teams can respond quickly to emerging needs at the property level, and then leverage the intelligence they bake into their brand templates across dozens or hundreds of properties at phenomenally low cost. 

Content Reuse Helps Slash Production Costs and Minimize Creative Risk.

Our modular approach to content management in the landing page generator allows local properties to blend pre-approved content components with their own locally generated offers and messaging. Image licensing can be controlled at the brand level, to minimize legal risk. And the pages themselves can be cloned and modified in seconds, so that each property's library of landing pages becomes a mini-laboratory for assessing the impact of different messages, visual content and offers. 

Comprehensive Reporting Built Right In.

Of course, no landing page system would be complete without a reporting facility, and the Landing Page Generator meets this need, giving local users the ability to track and analyze the traffic to their landing pages quickly and easily. Individual page results can also be aggregated, to give brand managers a broad view of how templates and themed content are performing in the marketplace. 

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Published by Kevin Groome August 27, 2021
Kevin Groome