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By Parris Johnson on April 25, 2018

Why Does Local Marketing Management Matter for Marketers?

As local marketing increases in importance for businesses with multiple locations, organizations realize the need for a brand management platform that can streamline localized marketing campaigns.

Local marketing management requires speed and accuracy in order to be effective at disseminating information to business sites. Using the right communications tools and digital asset management platforms, businesses can streamline the production of content and distribution of assets. 

The Importance of Local Marketing

Local marketing drives a business’s bottom line by increasing the customer base at each franchise and enables local affiliates to take control of marketing campaigns, adding in fresh, engaging touches. Having a structured way to organize local marketing across hundreds or even thousands of franchises makes the need for local marketing management crucial.

58% of senior marketers consider local marketing an essential factor for a business’s profitability and growth.

When searching on personal devices, customers are looking local. One out of every 3 mobile searches uses location-based keywords, such as "restaurants near me" or "closest coffee shops."

Marketers for franchises and multi-site businesses understand the importance for local marketing the most, but a common challenge is the ability to develop personalized branded assets with approved messaging in a timely manner.

With the time it takes to get content approved, including back and forth emailing and the extra work both corporate marketers need to make to catch up with local efforts, local marketing can't be used to it's fullest if the content isn't in front of the audience at the right time. In comes the perks of having a local marketing management system.

Four Strategies to Align Local Marketing Initiatives

The Benefits of Local Marketing Management

To solve both the problem of local affiliates not being well-equipped to run a marketing campaign and the issue of corporate marketers not knowing what is happening on a local level, businesses employ a local marketing management solution like digital asset management software.

1) Increase content production speed.

Local marketing management software empowers marketers and designers to quickly produce and distribute vetted assets to their branches all over the country. All of these assets have been approved by the corporate marketing team, which means local affiliates are confident that they can use them in a local campaign. Since the local marketing team knows the community around them, they can add local flair to personalize the campaign, while still using branded assets.

2) Improve brand power and consistency.

Local marketing management gives corporate marketers the peace of mind that every affiliate is following protocol and leveraging brand power for local impact. Corporate marketers can trust that approved assets are distributed through the management tool to local affiliates for use.

3) Simplify the content development process.

Local marketing management simplifies campaigns for local affiliates who may not have the expertise or resources to run a brand-compliant campaigns on their own. A management platform ensures local franchises adhere to brand guidelines but also gives them the flexibility to add personalized touches to the marketing campaign that will have an impact in local communities.

CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a local marketing management platform that enables companies to quickly and efficiently create and equip their franchises with local marketing materials to ensure brand consistency at a nationwide and local level.

Learn more about how CampaignDrive can help streamline your local marketing by requesting a free demo of the platform.  

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Published by Parris Johnson April 25, 2018
Parris Johnson