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By Pica9 on October 21, 2022

The 5 Best Local Marketing Automation Software Options in 2022

Trying to manage a multi-located brand comes with a few unique challenges. From supporting local affiliates and representatives to creating repeatable and effective marketing procedures, distributed marketing can make even the most successful brand managers want to pull their hair out.

So what's the secret?

How do the largest multi-located brands achieve marketing stardom and what can you do right now to maximize the effectiveness of your local marketing?

In many instances, it starts with local marking automation software.

The 5 Best Local Marketing Automation Software Options in 2022

What is local marketing automation software? It's best understood as a piece of software that "automates" parts of local marketing workflows and processes. A local marketing automation solution should deliver the following:

A robust local marketing automation solution also delivers critical features found within digital asset management and product information management tools.

It's important to know that all local marketing automation solutions are not created equal. As such, you should identify your own software requirements.

If you haven't invested in a local marketing solution for your multi-located brand or if you're looking to upgrade, here are the top vendors that you should prioritize:

1. Pageflex

Pageflex makes it easy to execute high-impact multi-channel marketing. This distributed marketing solution allows users to login to order, customize, and personalize marketing materials for both print and digital channels.

Features and Benefits:

  • Organize and distribute assets through a searchable library
  • Design high-value marketing print and digital marketing templates
  • Control access to and customization of marketing assets
  • Track marketing asset use and effectiveness

2. Strata Company

Strata Company's marketing resource management solution serves as a single source of truth for multi-located brands. This solution is customized for your unique multi-located brand and can be scaled to meet your unique and ever-changing brand environment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Variable and data-driven marketing templates
  • Unlimited user roles and permissions
  • Automated dynamic content customization
  • Online proofing and approvals

3. CampaignDrive by Pica9

CampaignDrive helps industry-leading multi-located brands to create effective local marketing through highly customizable templates. This all-in-one solution enables local marketers to create high-quality and relevant marketing for local audiences. Through effective local marketing, affiliates have everything needed to create personalized customer experiences that audiences love.

Your local affiliates can find everything they need in minutes and add simple localized customizations through dynamic and intuitive automation. Additionally, with ready-access to high-value marketing templates, local marketing will always comply with corporate messaging and design.

Our landing page generator is a game-changer for local marketing teams. It makes them more nimble and responsive – and saves tons of cash at the same time! - Meghan D, Senior Content Strategist at Marriott International

To get started, request a demo and experience first-hand how our local marketing automation solution works across the entire distributed network.

dam software demo request4. BrandMuscle

BrandMuscle is a leader in integrated local and channel marketing. As an integrated media planning and buying team, BrandMuscle executes cross-channel marketing and design for the brand.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dynamic, data-driven templates
  • Custom creative services
  • Powerful interactive tools on local marketing spend and campaign information
  • Flexible MDF and co-op programs

5. Distribion

Distribion allows for storing, accessing, and locating all marketing content. This centralized sales and marketing solution improves efficiencies, optimizes distribution channels, and ensures brand and regulatory compliance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Access and permission management
  • Multi-channel campaign management and execution
  • Dynamic templates
  • Contact management

Accelerate Local Marketing With CampaignDrive by Pica9

Trying to orchestrate effective local marketing requires some serious organization of human, intellectual, creative, and financial resources, especially if you're growing quickly or dealing with challenging local affiliates.


To give your corporate marketing team and local affiliates a leg up, we recommend downloading our free resource: Distributed Marketing on Steroids.

You'll learn:

  • How to create an actionable strategy for managing distributed teams
  • How to design marketing assets that distributed marketers can actually use
  • How to support distributed marketers and ensure brand compliance.

Distributed Marketing on Steroids


Published by Pica9 October 21, 2022