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By Pica9 on August 17, 2023

Fool-Proof Smart Templates For Field Marketers

In the realm of marketing materials, there are different types of templates: dumb, dumber, and smart. While dumb templates are overly restrictive and dumber templates allow for chaos, it is the smart templates that strike the perfect balance. In this blog post, we'll explore the concept of smart brand templates and how they can revolutionize the way field marketers create impactful materials.

Dumb Templates: Super Locked Down and Limiting

Dumb templates are akin to those "ad slick" designs where everything is tightly controlled, leaving little room for customization. While they may seem like a safe bet, the lack of flexibility often leads to frustration. Field marketers who need to make minor changes like updating contact information find themselves hitting roadblocks. The impact of such templates is low user adoption, as marketers struggle to achieve the desired outcome. Close, but not quite there, they eventually give up on the templates altogether.

Dumber Templates: Total Freedom Leads to Messiness

In contrast, dumber templates grant complete freedom to users, allowing them to make a mess of the design. This approach may be embraced by franchisees who enjoy the freedom to experiment. However, being novices in the realm of design, they often make significant mistakes that undermine the brand's visual identity. Design, after all, is an art, and not everyone possesses the knowledge and skill required to create compelling marketing materials from scratch.

Smart Templates: Striking the Perfect Balance

Smart templates offer the ideal balance between freedom and control. They provide a framework within which field marketers can operate, granting them the freedom to customize while ensuring adherence to brand guidelines. These templates recognize that different brands, regions, or document types may require specific design elements. They empower marketers to create materials that resonate with their target audience while maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

The Smartest Templates: Enabling Seamless Document Creation

The smartest templates go beyond design considerations. They incorporate intelligence not only in the visual elements but also in the content and copy. These templates make the document creation experience super easy, even for marketers with limited design skills. They guide users, suggesting appropriate content and recommending the best practices for copywriting. By offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface, these templates truly empower marketers to create compelling materials with confidence.

Smart Template

How Smart Are Your Templates? 🤔

Smart templates are a game-changer for field marketers. By striking the right balance between freedom and control, they enable marketers to create impactful materials while maintaining brand consistency. They provide a framework that ensures adherence to brand guidelines while offering customization options. The smartest templates go even further, incorporating intelligence in design, content, and copy, making the document creation process seamless and effortless. With smart templates in their toolkit, field marketers can unleash their creativity and deliver compelling marketing materials that drive results.

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Published by Pica9 August 17, 2023