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By Parris Johnson on August 08, 2018

4 Things Local Marketers Should Avoid in Their Social Media Marketing Strategy


Common Social Media Tactics That Should Not Be So Common

1. Don’t Start Anything You Can’t Commit To.

There are seemingly endless social media channels you can use to promote your product; that does not mean that you should use all of them. When planning your social media strategy, it is imperative that your initiatives are not only manageable, but scalable as well.

It wouldn’t be smart to create 15 different social media accounts, unless you have the manpower to manage these accounts, as well as create and post content to these channels on a consistent basis. Even if you do have the headcount to manage this, ask yourself if this makes sense for your company? If you want the best return on investment in terms of engagement, you should invest in the social media channels that your audience occupies the most frequently.

Just as it doesn’t make sense to publish content on every social media channel you find, it doesn’t make sense to publish the exact same content to each of your social media channels. Remember: one size does not fit all. It is imperative that you get to know your target audience, and target your social media content towards this audience. Consider what kind of interactions typically occur on a social media channel, and tailor your content in order to maximize social media engagement. 

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2. You Are a Person, Not a Machine.

So your social media content shouldn’t sound like it came from Siri. Your online following will disconnect from your content if it seems completely automated or as if it’s coming from a robot, so it’s important that you create thoughtful and engaging content. Use more personable language, such as humor or sarcasm (depending on the tone of your organization’s messaging) to your advantage.

It’s also effective to respond to your followers online when they interact to/respond with your posts; It gives your audience the sense that their opinions are valued and their voices are being heard.

3. Use Your Followers, They Have Ideas Too.

Yes you’re the social media manager, but you’re not the only one with great ideas! What’s the purpose of building up this online following if you’re not gonna hear what they have to say? Your online audience is an excellent resource for brainstorming and crowdsourcing content. For example, you could conduct a survey or study on your follower base in order to have your own set of statistics, then you could share this content with your audience or use the gathered information to tailor your marketing strategy! 

4. Don’t Forget About The Local Markets.

Studies show that over 50% of franchisor’s are directly involved with their local franchise’ social media presence. In order to ensure consistent messaging on a brand level, these franchisors establish strict guidelines and permissions involving local messaging and post frequency. Though social channels for national organization’s are typically managed on a brand level, they are frequently used as a local marketing initiative.

As a franchisor/owner-operator, use your social channels to notify your online following of local events or collaborations with local businesses, in order to effectively raise brand awareness and advocacy within these respective local markets. By supplying the necessary tools, teaching best practices, and providing guidelines for local marketers to follow, national brands can ensure that their local marketers and franchisee’s are having genuine conversations and adding value to your brand!

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Published by Parris Johnson August 8, 2018
Parris Johnson