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By Kevin Groome on November 03, 2010

User Adoption Trends in Local Marketing: Movin' On Up!

The holiday season is approaching, and Pica9 is revving its engines in preparation for the next quarter. As we continue building and maintaining local marketing automation systems for our clients, the issue of user adoption remains of keen interest. This goes, of course, to the usability of our systems, but also speaks to issues of seasonality and the freshness of creative. To investigate these issues, we aggregated data across a broad cross section of our user communities.

Document generation figures point to trends in user adoption. We looked at document generation data overlaid with total number of users from 2009 and compared it to 2010 statistics. Our analysis reveals a slow but steady recovery in advertising on the local level. There is also evidence of increased activity in the spring. The overall number of users steadily increased over the past year, and the ratio of documents generated per user has also increased. These are classic signs that local marketing is mirroring marketing trends on a brand level. This also indicates local marketers increasingly find that Pica9’s local marketing automation systems are valuable and accessible tools.

Is your brand monitoring the efforts of its local marketers? Have you found any interesting trends? How can we all stay ahead of the curve on these trends, utilizing the patterns to better position our brands? We would love to hear what you think!


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Published by Kevin Groome November 3, 2010
Kevin Groome