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By Pica9 on April 28, 2021

The Ultimate Brand-to-Local Marketing Reading List

At Pica9, we're all about brand-to-local marketing. To better assist you in succeeding in executing your brand at the local level, we've compiled a list of our favorite articles and reports that may help you while doing some research to improve your local marketing efforts.

Our Collection of Must-Read Articles:

Selling a national brand locally | The Marketing Eye

Local store marketing | Wikipedia

brand-to-local marketing webinar

Master Brand-to-Local Marketing with CampaignDrive

CampaignDrive by Pica9 is brand-to-local marketing portal that helps distributed brands store brand assets in an easy to find, single location. Local marketers, franchisees, and dealers can all easily access brand-compliant marketing collateral and successfully activate the brand at the local level in a matter of minutes. See for yourself!


Have questions or looking to improve your current marketing strategy? Click here to speak with a brand-to-local marketing expert today. 

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Published by Pica9 April 28, 2021