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By Pica9 on November 12, 2019

Pica9 Congratulates 4 Category Winners and 4 Brands in Top 50 of the 2019 Prophet Brand Relevance Index®

Leading brands use CampaignDrive By Pica9

New York, NY – October 24, 2019 CampaignDrive By Pica9, a SaaS-based local marketing platform that empowers multi-location enterprises, including franchises, dealerships, resellers, agencies, to easily manage, localize and maintain consistency and brand equity, congratulates clients recognized as the most relevant brands in their respective industries, according to the 2019 Prophet Brand Relevance Index (BRI). The 50 brands and companies mentioned in the index include world-renowned organizations Apple, Spotify, Android, BOSE, Disney, KitchenAid, Amazon, Netflix, Pixar, and Pinterest, as the top 10.

The index considered the world’s most prominent brands in 27 distinct categories and surveyed 13,500 U.S consumers to create the 2019 brand relevance index. The index takes into consideration companies that are achieving tremendous growth, driving transformation, and that are pervasively innovative and well-trusted by consumers.

Technology has been a key driver for any on the list to help establish not only brand consistency and agility, but flexibility and support for local marketing initiatives,” said Kevin Groome, founder at Pica9. “Our cloud-based platform for national marketers and designers delivers on-brand assets while ensuring brand consistency and localization for every market.”

Prophet felt there was a void in the marketplace for a brand ranking that truly reflected the consumer’s perspective, so they created the BRI to help business and brand leaders measure how relevant their brands are to consumers.

About CampaignDrive By Pica9

CampaignDrive by Pica9 is the leading SaaS platform for franchises and national brands to manage and scale their brands across hundreds or thousands of locations, by providing personalized campaigns with consistent branding and customer experience across every location and channel. CampaignDrive has an active user community that spans more than 50 globally recognized brands, and more than 100,000 local businesses. The company’s customers represent a portfolio of some of the most valuable brands around the globe today. Every day, CampaignDrive helps its clients protect, leverage and initiate more than $50 billion in brand-driven market value.

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Published by Pica9 November 12, 2019