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By Pica9 on June 15, 2023

Pica9 Earns High Performer Badges for Digital Asset Management and Print Fulfillment in G2 Summer Reports

[New York City, 6/8/2023] – Pica9, a leading provider of local marketing solutions, is thrilled to announce its achievement in the G2 Summer Reports for Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Print Fulfillment. Pica9 has been awarded the prestigious High Performer badge in both categories, further solidifying its position as a trusted industry leader.
G2, the world's largest tech marketplace, evaluated numerous companies in the DAM and Print Fulfillment sectors based on user satisfaction and market presence. Pica9 emerged as a top performer in both categories, reflecting its commitment to excellence, customer-centric solutions, and consistent delivery of superior services.
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The High Performer badge in the Digital Asset Management category underscores Pica9's ability to empower businesses with efficient and streamlined management of their digital assets. Pica9's DAM solution offers a robust platform that enables organizations to centralize, organize, and distribute their digital content effectively. With advanced features such as metadata tagging, version control, and seamless integrations, Pica9 empowers marketing teams to maximize their assets' value and drive impactful campaigns.
Similarly, in the Print Fulfillment category, Pica9's recognition as a High Performer validates its capabilities in simplifying and optimizing the print fulfillment process. Pica9's comprehensive print fulfillment solution enables businesses to streamline their print marketing efforts. By leveraging Pica9's intuitive interface and automation features, marketing teams can effortlessly manage their print collateral, reduce operational complexities, and achieve cost savings without compromising on quality.
As an organization committed to continuous improvement, Pica9 remains dedicated to providing its customers with the highest level of support, innovation, and performance. These latest accolades from G2 reinforce Pica9's position as a leader in the marketing technology landscape, further boosting its reputation as a preferred partner for businesses seeking top-tier DAM and print fulfillment solutions.
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About Pica9:
Pica9 is a leading provider of local marketing brand management solutions that empower organizations to streamline their marketing efforts, optimize workflows, and drive superior business outcomes. With its innovative platform, Pica9 enables businesses to efficiently manage their digital assets, simplify print fulfillment processes, and maximize the impact of their marketing campaigns. Trusted by top brands across industries, Pica9 is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences and helping businesses thrive in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.
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Published by Pica9 June 15, 2023