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By Charles Groome on March 31, 2014

Gartner Names Pica9 Leading MRM Vendor for 2014

Pica9, a leading provider of local marketing automation systems for major brands, today announced that it has been included in this year’s Gartner CRM Vendor Guide, released March 10, 2014, in the category of Marketing Resource Management (MRM).

"Our mention in Gartner’s 2014 CRM Vendor Guide speaks to Pica9’s steady rise in prominence among vendors of Marketing Resource Management systems," said Kevin Groome, President and CEO of Pica9. He went on to say, "We hope our steady release of new features, particularly in the areas of digital asset management, email marketing, and template composition, will make us an even more prominent player in the months ahead.”

This report helps to crystalize MRM as distinct from other categories of marketing automation. Gartner defines MRM as “applications [which] enable companies to plan and budget; create and develop content and programs, and manage creative projects; store and manage content and collateral; support knowledge management; fulfill and distribute marketing content and collateral; and measure and optimize marketing performance.”


For many industry-leading brands, marketing resource management (MRM) tools enable teams to track, plan, and execute marketing. Which MRM solution is right for your brand?

Published by Charles Groome March 31, 2014
Charles Groome