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By Kevin Groome on August 30, 2021

Modular Content Makes Insurance Marketing Workflows Fast and Foolproof

Insurance agents need to tailor their content to individual customer needs, without running afoul of state-specific regulations. Here's how modular content makes that possible.

One of the first industries to grace our doorstep here at Pica9 was insurance (property, casualty, life, and health all).

It didn't take us long to understand why.

With thousands of agents all competing for customer attention, the winners in insurance have always been local marketers who tailor their pitch most accurately to the individual customer's needs. One-size-fits-all marketing just doesn't cut it in fast-changing markets, filled with me-too competitors...

But with state commissioners scrutinizing every bit of content delivered to local customers, it's equally true that  too much freedom for agents can be risky, too. 

And that's why, from our very first engagement with insurance brands, we knew that a modular approach to content management would be essential to success.

Here's what we learned.

In House Marketing Teams Just Can't Keep Up Manual Production

Imagine you're a graphic designer in the In-House Agency of a major insurance enterprise. One of your agents (contracted, independent, what have you) sends you an email to request assistance building a sell sheet for a local marketing event. They want to include multiple product lines, each with a unique set of benefits. They want photography that reflects the unique character of their event—and of their customer community. They want the piece to be on-brand, 100%. And they want it in—oh! About 45 minutes. 

That's the situation we faced with a major member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield network, when we introduced our very first generation of CampaignDrive's Modular Content Item Database. And it's a situation that the in-house agencies of countless insurance  brands face to this day.

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Empower Your Local Agents With Modular Content

How did we handle the challenge? By giving users a curated set of content blocks that they could use to assemble their own sell sheets—without ever putting their hands on the keyboards.  The resulting user experience yielded  fully produced sell sheet, advertisements, emails and more in a matter of minutes. And the system gave the In-House Agency the option to turn an approval loop on or off based on criteria that they defined—including the agent's skill set and experience in local marketing.

Just as important as design fidelity, CampaignDrive gave the In-House Agency the power to control the product-line features and benefits items that are available for inclusion—so agents can activate new marketing materials in coordination with national advertising and promotional campaigns, and leverage the brand to maximum effect.  

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Modular Content Is King.

Several years ago, the marketing world recognized that consumers today are interested in being informed—not sold—and that content therefore was king. But in the content arms race that has ensued, most brand managers find themselves struggling to produce content to keep pace with demand. If you'd like to learn more about what modular content can bring to your local marketing efforts, sign up for our webinar on "Ending Local Marketing Chaos" today! 

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Published by Kevin Groome August 30, 2021
Kevin Groome