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By Kevin Groome on May 20, 2013

Following the Pack: 5th Client Upgrades to CampaignDrive3

This month marks the fifth client upgrade to the newest version of Pica9’s local marketing automation platform- CampaignDrive3. The migration marks a significant upward trend for the software company that’s been seeing a tremendous amount of growth so far this year, much of which can be attributed to the advancements being made on its new platform at a commendable rate.

With multiple thousands of users having shifted over to the new system - including those at big box retailer locations like Wal-Mart, Target, and Sears- CampaignDrive3 is consistently seeing an expanding user base that includes industry heavy-hitters that bring proportionately sized needs for efficient local marketing production.

So what inspired these major brands in verticals spanning everything from a leading eyewear retailer to a national restaurant chain to make the upgrade?

“On the CampaignDrive2 platform users were already seeing increased design flexibility with template composition which was a major priority for most. With CD3, now they’re getting finer precision tools like ZOOM, transform capabilities for alignment, and content management enhancements that are really going to improve the way they experience the composition process,” says Rich Jones, Vice President of Application Development, Pica9, Inc.

Along with greater flexibility and control in the composition studio, other new features clients making the switch will benefit from in the upgrade are an enterprise class local email marketing system, more tailored asset management categories, and advanced dynamic sizing options that include precise transform and translate selections which allow for extremely accurate maintenance of alignment combinations during customization for print materials.

CampaignDrive3 has so far seen over 5,000 documents produced at over 500 locations by its users since it’s inception only seven months ago. When we stop to consider its co-op reimbursement programs, voucher deployment module and ability to integrate with print vendors, it doesn’t take much to figure out why this is one bandwagon you just might want to hitch a ride on.

“We couldn’t be happier that more and more of our clients are choosing to reaffirm their support in the longevity and value of our platform by upgrading to CampaignDrive3. We’re confident the new features will be a strong improvement for them and look forward to the next set of rollouts our developers have in store that everyone on the system will be able to take advantage of,” noted Kevin Groome, President of Pica9 Inc.


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Published by Kevin Groome May 20, 2013
Kevin Groome