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By Pica9 on July 05, 2018

Branding and ROI in Marketing: How to See Results

While branding might sound like a concern only massive, multinational corporations need to worry about, amplifying a constant, steadfast image, voice and personality are extremely important for any brand to see better ROI in marketing, regardless of company size.

Delivering a consistent brand message impacts how consumers view your business anywhere in the world, imploring customers to create a bond with the stories, people and offerings that define your company.

On another, more measurable level, branding that identifies who you are and what you provide helps customers understand your relevance and impact in their lives.

Many business owners see their regular marketing efforts — and the money and resources invested into them — as unrelated to branding. But every sign, website, flyer, and promotional item you give out at your location is an investment in your brand. If each one of these pieces tells a part of the same story about your company in the same voice, you can create a consistent customer experience so they can get a better view of who you are and feel more comfortable with your brand.

Elements of Branding Across Marketing Efforts

To deliver consistent messaging in regional and local campaigns to create a uniform brand, there are a few things you should try to establish across every piece of marketing collateral, including:

1. A voice and point of view that connects with your audience

Brand compliance can help you avoid inconsistent messaging that can confuse customers and leave them unsure of your trustworthiness. In the age of social media, one local partner or franchise’s failure to stick to brand guidelines can quickly spread to customers across all the areas where you do business and have a damaging impact on brand integrity.

Make sure your brand voice is consistent across all channels in order to deliver the best user experience. There are a number of social media and marketing platforms that can bring your social accounts together under one dashboard to post, monitor, and measure results over time. 

2. A persuasive story that highlights your customers’ needs and why your company addresses or solves them.

Human beings are hardwired to connect with stories, and once you’ve created a narrative they can connect with, you can expect them to stay loyal to your brand.

If your brand thrives on delivering relevant content in a timely manner across numerous locations, using a digital asset management (DAM) platform can help accomplish this with ease.  Having content that is consistent in branding delivered across multiple locations can drive better brand engagement, build meaningful relationships, and increase overall trustworthiness.

3. A logo, font, and professional images that reflect your brand

These elements may not seem all too important, but they can make a significant difference in how users perceive your brand over time. Most companies will create a brand guideline document to share across multiple sites in order to ensure consistency. These documents include brand fonts, proper logo use and colors, brand vision, color schemes, overall messaging, etc. 

4. Contact information, including where customers can find you online

It is important to be consistent with contact information like phone number, addresses, website URLs, and emails, in order to give viewers the correct information every time. If a potential customer has the wrong address for your store or dials an old number that no one has updated, this can ruin a first experience and cost your business a potential client.

Simple mistakes like this can damage your brand and cost you money in the long run. Make sure to align all contact information to the correct sites to deliver the right information to the right user, every time.

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CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a marketing platform and strategic partner that helps companies leverage brand power for local impact. CampaignDrive enables brand compliance from the corporate headquarters, to local stores, and franchisees.

To learn how to apply brand compliance standards to your company practices, connect with a CampaignDrive expert today.

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Published by Pica9 July 5, 2018