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By Parris Johnson on October 17, 2018

5 Habits That Make For Effective Content Marketing

Content Marketing can increase brand advocacy and awareness, not to mention customer engagement. Are you putting out the most effective marketing content?


If content marketing (or creating marketing content) is a responsibility of yours, you’re well aware of just how daunting of a task it could be. It’s up to you to not only recognize where there is a demand for content and establish a dialogue with your target audience, but also to create a story that will make customers want to engage all while trying to meeting your marketing goals. With all of this in mind, the ideal “content marketer” is an individual with a very particular set of skills, along with certain key habits that will set them apart from the average.

 1. Keep asking questions. 

It’s every bit as simple as it sounds. In order to create the best content it’s important that you seek out information that’s prevalent to your subject matter. With that being said, you should constantly be asking questions in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of your audience. You should be able to predict what your audience will love versus what they won’t, as well as how they will react to content. If you’re able to do so, then you will always be in the ideal position to create the most effective content possible.


2. You should always be networking.

Networking is integral to pivotal in getting your content shared and supported; You scratch my back, I scratch yours. That’s what friends are for isn’t it? Though it may sound like some sort of corporate task, networking is simply reaching out to influencers, remaining connected with contacts within your industry, and helping others succeed. Sounds easy enough, right?


3. Ambition is the name of the game. You have to want it.

Ambition is one of the most important traits any professional could have, and the same applies for content marketers. As a content curator you should drive to create the highest quality content in whatever subject matter you choose. There is such a high volume of mediocre content being published online every single day that the ideal content marketer needs to go above and beyond in order to separate their content from the majority.


4. Constant research will take you a long way.

Whether it be casual reading or for research purposes, all of us come across interesting readings every day. What seperates a good marketer from a great one though, is whether or not the marketer is saving the best content that they come across in order to reference it later. As simple as it sounds, these readings serve as valuable sources and can greatly enhance the credibility of your content.


5. Track your content’s performance and strive to improve.

In order to ensure that you are exercising best practice and creating the best possible content for your target audience, it is important that you frequently check the metrics on your content (blog posts, email messaging, social media, etc.) to gage how well it is performing. With this information marketers have the ability to determine what efforts are working compared to what isn’t, and can make the necessary changes to their content or marketing strategy to improve performance.


In the world of content marketing, quality content reigns supreme. It is our obligation as marketers to provide our audience with well beneficial content; These 5 habits can make a huge difference in the way marketers approach their content, and the quality of the content they produce.


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Link: https://www.campaigndrive.com/blog/how-content-marketing-tools-can-help-you-avoid-these-5-branding-mistakes




Published by Parris Johnson October 17, 2018
Parris Johnson