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By Pica9 on May 16, 2021

4 Ways a Brand Compliance System Increases Marketing ROI

Brand compliance systems help businesses maintain and monitor distributed visual assets across tens, hundreds, or even thousands of franchises.

These systems create a streamlined digital asset management workflow for marketers on a national and global level. Companies using brand compliance systems not only optimize asset management, but they increase monetary gains and add to company value.

Here are 4 ways leaders gain ROI from brand compliance systems:

1. Brand Compliance Systems Reduce Added and Unexpected Expenses

Instead of multiple staff members creating assets at each franchise, a brand compliance system allows a design team at headquarters to generate and disseminate approved visuals. Each affiliate can then use these assets at will.

This reduces the need to hire additional designers as well as marketers or legal employees to approve each asset at each franchise. Unexpected expenses can also arise if an affiliate posts an inappropriate asset, which can result in the need for expensive legal and public relations help.

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2. Brand Compliance Systems Increase Company Workflow

Employees can get more done using a brand compliance system. Instead of emailing back and forth and getting lost in email chains, corporate can provide pre-approved content for local marketers in a centralized digital asset management software. Marketing automation distributes content quickly, so marketers and executives can spend time on more strategic initiatives like brand evolution.

3. Brand Compliance Systems Require Fewer Security Measures

Security is always a top concern, especially when working across thousands of franchises, but brand compliance systems ensure assets stay safe and protected. Internal security measures ensure companies do not need to purchase additional security software for brand assets. 

4. Brand Compliance Systems Mean Less Employee Downtime

Companies can lose thousands if not millions of dollars annually if employees do not have the tools to perform their job functions. Think of the hours wasted when corporate marketers go back and forth with franchise marketers on simple questions such as whether or not a piece of content can be posted.

This downtime is costly, but can be avoided entirely with a brand compliance system. All marketers will have access to approved assets, meaning brand compliance is easy for local marketers and there’s no emails back and forth or wasted time on confusion.

Companies that use a brand compliance system can see a high ROI in saved time and resources. These systems ensure everyone is on the same page and can work effectively.

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Published by Pica9 May 16, 2021