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Brand Compliance

CampaignDrive is a marketing platform that empowers companies to leverage brand power for local impact.

Successful branding is only achievable when a corporate team develops a compelling and unique value proposition that speaks to the brand’s objectives and then projected throughout the organization.

Here is a standard brand compliance definition: Brand compliance is the implementation and maintenance of that company’s unique identity in the marketplace.

Brand compliance is executable through universal messaging, tone, and design style that project the brand’s image to their customers anywhere in the world, such as advertisements, print, and digital communications, and other promotional materials.

Why is Brand Compliance Important?

Brand compliance and management, through setting standards and executing vision at every level, can be the driver for long-term success and repeat business through customer brand loyalty.

Companies with a relatable and recognizable brand story tend to be the most memorable to customers. Hotels and chain restaurants demonstrate the need for brand compliance because every establishment should maintain identical standards, no matter the location. This consistency ensures customers have the same excellent service and experience every time they encounter that company.

To manage and maintain brand compliance, corporate and local partners must work together towards a shared objective - providing a clear picture of what an enterprise represents and the solution they offer.

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The Challenges of Ensuring Brand Compliance

Successful brand compliance standards throughout national and regional locations often present a challenge for organizations:

  • Lost time and resources: The distribution of branded assets from HQ can be time-consuming and tedious without a system to utilize.
  • Too many requests: Designers need to personalize countless assets for local market partners.
  • Maintaining consistency: Local marketers need to ensure they are delivering consistent messaging and aren’t diverging from the brand message.

Corporate marketers who already have their hands full are often stuck responding to one-off field requests from local marketers in need of specific branded materials such as menus, business cards, or contracts. Franchisees and local partners, on the other hand, often feel restrained by their lack of resources to replicate and distribute on brand messaging materials properly.

CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a brand compliance system that bridges this gap by giving global enterprises the power to maximize local marketing efforts while maintaining brand compliance throughout the organization.

CampaignDrive is a cloud-based tool that empowers marketers at all levels to develop, distribute, and amplify branded communications. The platform, along with our team of customer success experts, drives partner success through:

  • Consistency in messaging and design by leveraging a variety of features, including digital asset management, reporting, and analytics.
  • Enabling local marketing departments with the tools to execute powerful campaigns while maintaining brand integrity.
  • Optimize marketing spend by eliminating inefficient workflows and time lost from managing field requests and increase expenditures in areas that drive revenue for your business.
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