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Meet CampaignDrive™ 

The distributed marketing platform that helps world-class brands empower franchisees, dealers and agents to win the local marketing battle.

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We understand the complexity of
multi-location marketing


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What you can do with
CampaignDrive by Pica9


Scale local marketing across hundreds or thousands of locations
Distribute marketing templates across locations and enable local teams to push to market in moments; not days or weeks.
Own your marketing and design
Your lack of automation is a third-party agency's margin. Equip local teams with the tools to make simple iterations.
Eliminate one-off requests, and manual iterations
Empower local teams to customize marketing for local use.
Enforce brand standards automatically

Automatically insert and lock mission-critical brand messaging and design into the creative.

Focus on brand-building
Allow corporate designers to focus on strategic initiatives and designing new campaigns rather than customizing for each location.
Decrease time-to-market
Unleash powerful, on-time marketing campaigns. 
Analyze creative usage
Visibility into all creative and usage by location enables monitoring and maximizing the effectiveness of campaigns.
Achieve corporate-local alignment
Give local teams the support they need to create masterful local marketing. 
Maintain a single source of truth for all print and digital campaigns
Store all marketing materials including print, digital, merchandise and others on a single platform to enable easy search, distribution, reuse, and visibility across campaigns.

Why CampaignDrive?

Maximize the marketing effectiveness of your franchisees, affiliates, and dealers. 



Serving the world's
leading brands



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Our landing page generator is a game-changer for our local marketing teams. It makes them more nimble and responsive — and saves tons of cash at the same time!

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De Vere hotels are unique, each distinctive in its own way. Pica9 empowers each property to build creative around their unique character, while maintaining the overarching De Vere values and brand standards.

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It has been great to see the growth in the portal month to month, and wouldn’t be possible without the help from the entire Pica9 team.

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Customer Success at

Migrating to a new system might feel like a giant leap, but our customer success teams are always available to orient you and your business towards sustained success. We understand that the success of your local marketing is built around repeatable processes. Through personalized onboarding experiences, our team is committed to helping you maximize the effectiveness of our brand management tool.

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CampaignDrive by Pica9 is ideal for brands that aim to allow end-users to create their own on-brand campaigns without corporate micromanagement.

We offer ramp up plans to ensure that your brand achieves rapid system success. The cost of inaction or low-quality brand activities can easily be replaced with high-quality activities that save your brands money and allow you to scale.

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