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Marketing Resource Management

CampaignDrive is a marketing resource distribution platform that manages more than $50 billion in brand-driven market value for top global brands. Within the marketing resource management (MRM) landscape, our platform improves collaboration between corporate and local marketing teams, ensures company-wide brand compliance, and streamlines creative workflows.

What is Marketing Resource Management (MRM)?

Marketing resource management (MRM) provides businesses with software infrastructure to better plan and budget for marketing campaigns, projects, and content. By organizing and managing marketing resources through a centralized MRM software application, organizations can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a variety of marketing initiatives. This can include planning, project management, collaboration, workflows, branding, and much more.

The business benefits of utilizing an MRM tool include:

  • Enhanced visibility into a variety of marketing initiatives and resources

  • Increased control over brand compliance across operations and local affiliates

  • Improved collaboration across corporate and local teams

  • Optimized marketing spend to drive more accurate results

  • Accelerate productivity by streamlining marketing workflows and asset creation

Distributed Marketing Resource Management

With continuously high volumes of marketing assets and initiatives being generated, distributed and franchise businesses greatly benefit from implementing enterprise MRM tools to assist in planning marketing activities. Within the marketing resource management landscape, CampaignDrive is a distributed marketing platform that improves collaboration between corporate and local marketing teams.

Currently managing more than $50 billion in brand-driven market value for top global brands, businesses trust CampaignDrive’s expertise as a reliable partner in consolidating and disseminating data across national and global organizations.

By centralizing distributed marketing efforts, corporate teams gain visibility into marketing and design assets across teams for better planning and enforcement of brand compliance. Meanwhile, local marketers gain access to approved on-brand marketing assets for faster campaign execution and the option to customize content for local audiences.

See How CampaignDrive Aligns With Marketing Resource Management:

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To learn more on how CampaignDrive can enhance your distributed marketing resource management initiatives, request a demo today.