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Enterprise Marketing

CampaignDrive is a distributed marketing platform and strategic partner for global business leaders who want to maximize their brand’s value for local impact. Our platform enables enterprise marketers to create on-brand collateral, easily collaborate with local teams, and instantly disseminate marketing assets across business locations.

What is Enterprise Marketing?

Today’s enterprises understand the importance of investing in marketing efforts to improve brand awareness, customer engagement, brand loyalty, and sales growth. These benefits are the building blocks of strong brand equity that can give enterprises a competitive advantage and maintain a growing following of happy customers.

Enterprise marketing is a company’s effort to retain existing customers while trying to generate new ones through omnichannel marketing campaigns. Enterprise marketing involves the strategy and execution of marketing initiatives for national and/or global activities and must take into consideration the complex nuances of each geographic area. As enterprise brands continue to expand, it becomes increasingly difficult for brand management teams to maintain brand compliance as unique challenges to multi-location organizations arise, including:

  1. Supporting a growing network of local marketers, franchisees, or affiliates;

  2. Managing complex marketing workflows;

  3. Balancing local perspectives with brand consistency;

Distributed Marketing Platform for Enterprise Marketing

To better navigate these unique challenges, distributed marketing platforms, like CampaignDrive, allow for the quick dissemination of branded marketing assets across business sites and affiliate locations. By centralizing on-brand marketing materials into a single software solution, organizations can easily maintain brand compliance throughout enterprise marketing initiatives.

With CampaignDrive, marketers have access to the assets they need to stay on-brand and can more efficiently collaborate on marketing efforts, leading to a streamlined enterprise marketing process and faster campaign launches.

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