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The 2017 Distributed Marketing Benchmark Report

Discover how brands in every industry are tackling the toughest distributed marketing challenges in this exclusive report.

Insights from hundreds of brand marketers reveal exactly what’s top-of-mind for today’s brand leaders and how companies are setting out to make their distributed locations marketing powerhouses.

Distributed Marketing Benchmark Report 2017

Inside You’ll Find:

  • Insights into the marketing operations of multi-location brands
  • Analysis of survey responses from over 200 branding leaders and CMO's
  • Action plans for marketers at distributed brands

Get the Distributed Marketing Benchmark Report 2017


Distributed marketing is moving to the top of marketers’ priority lists, and this exclusive Benchmark Report reveals the causes that are driving this trend in 2017 and beyond. Across industries and business models, the rise of customer experience as a key marketing initiative is forcing marketers to deal with the difficulties of a distributed network of locations. As the Benchmark Report shows, CMOs and brand managers have responded by investing in the processes and systems that enable them to scale their brands across hundreds or thousands of unique customer touchpoints. Get the report to bring these insights into your own marketing strategy.