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February 16, 2018

New Campaign Management Features Latest Breakthrough for CampaignDrive

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Latest feature release  delivers interface updates focused on local marketers’ experience

Getting local marketers to use your brand’s marketing assets can be hard, and increasing the effectiveness of their local marketing through a local marketing platform shouldn’t make your job any harder. That’s the promise behind Pica9’s SaaS platform, CampaignDrive, which has been growing rapidly in the enterprise marketing space. With an entire range of traditional and digital marketing tools brought together into one application, CampaignDrive makes life easier for everyone in the local marketing value chain from franchisee to corporate marketer. In the most recent software update, Pica9 has made two notable enhancements to CampaignDrive that continue the product’s reputation for constantly improving functionality and the experience for the user.

In this update, CampaignDrive customers will now be greeted with an entirely new Campaign Management module that brings a refreshed look, intuitive design and deeper functionality than before. Like all updates, this new and improved feature is now automatically available to all CampaignDrive customers. Using the latest technology made popular in progressive web apps, the new tile-based design for campaign management is more intuitive and easier to navigate. Marketers also benefit from the drag-and-drop style menu used to prioritize campaigns. CampaignDrive is now streamlining the administrator’s experience by helping them to manage their campaigns with fewer clicks.

To further the level of brand marketing control provided in this update, CampaignDrive has also been updated with a new Content Management feature. Now, administrators on CampaignDrive will be able  to recommend groups of assets for their end-users to use within marketing templates. When an admin suggests an asset or group of assets, field users will now be able to choose between all of those options all at once – making it much easier for them to choose the right product shot or design element for their ads. With franchisees and dealers now having a much simpler experience for updating branded templates, getting their marketing done is easier than ever.

No matter what industry you’re in or where you market, CampaignDrive has the tools your local partners need to effectively promote your brand, and the easy-to-use interface means that they will never get lost along the way.

*Pica9’s CampaignDrive is a fully self-service SaaS platform designed to power the last mile of marketing for the world’s biggest brands.*



by Parris Johnson

Content Marketing Strategist at CampaignDrive by Pica9.

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