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May 3, 2017

New Update: Animated Banner Ad Templates

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The web is never standing still – and many marketers have been wondering why their online ads should be any different. That's why animated and responsive display ads are becoming more popular with advertisers of all kinds.

CampaignDrive is now bringing the full power of animated display ads to brands and their local marketers.

Animated banner ad templates are available to all CampaignDrive customers. These new templates allow local affiliates to create fully-animated HTML5 banner ads that they can use across major ad-serving networks like Google DoubleClick. The best part? They don't have to learn a bit of code to make these ads totally their own.

Every animated template offers all of the same design intelligence that customers are used to in other kinds of templates, like print, landing page or static banner ads. Designers can choose how the animation will work and what their local affiliates will be able to edit.

Example of Animated Banner Ad Template

These banner ad templates are a great way to turn the design capabilities that you have at the brand level into actionable marketing pieces for local affiliates. Marketers can update all of the content they need without worrying about interfering with the design. Plus each template is connected to CampaignDrive's digital asset management system so all of the latest imagery and graphics are all available automatically.

Interested in how to make digital marketing at your local outlets efficient and accountable? Check out all of CampaignDrive's digital template features.


by Charles Groome

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