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Distributed Marketing on Steroids [Free eBook]

The Brand Manager’s Guide to Designing and Managing Local Marketing Assets Without Breaking a Sweat

It’s tough out there for a brand manager. Working to keep everyone on message and on brand may feel a bit like running a marathon – and never finishing.

How can you boost your local marketing efforts, and excel like major brands Marriott, Polaris, and Adecco? Read this performance enhancing eBook.

distributed marketing guide

You'll Learn:

  • Actionable strategy for managing distributed and local marketing teams
  • How to design marketing assets distributed marketers can actually use
  • How to support distributed marketers and ensure brand compliance

Get distributed marketing done right with this free eBook


Getting distributed marketing right is crucial for multi-location brands. But finding the right approach to keep local marketers engaged and effective, and also keep the brand’s image intact, can be a major headache. This powerful eBook explains how brand managers can give their local marketers the tools and coaching they need to be successful. Packed with distributed marketing insights, it’s the best way to up your brand’s marketing game. Don’t worry, it’s 100% legal.