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Franchise Marketing

CampaignDrive is a marketing platform and strategic partner for global business leaders who want to maximize their brand’s value for local impact. The platform enables franchise marketers to be self-sufficient in responding to local market forces, saving time and money.

What is Franchise Marketing?

Franchise marketing enables businesses with many locations or local partners the ability to deliver a consistent brand, including messaging, color schemes, typography, design, and more. This serves as the foundation of all marketing efforts, from global to local levels.

The Challenge

Ensuring multiple local franchise locations have the tools, resources, and support necessary to replicate the national brand is a constant challenge for brand managers. However, tools like CampaignDrive make maximizing brand value for local impact a straightforward process.

How Does Franchise Marketing Affect the Brand Experience?

A franchise marketing strategy aims to give every customer or prospect the same brand experience every time. Global retailers often have design requirements so that every location looks the same. In addition, local stores have access to print and franchise marketing collateral such as advertisements, menus, brochures, posters, and more through digital asset management software.

A digital asset library is a collection of every asset stored in the software. Giving franchisees access to the library enables them to personalize branded materials for their location. Also, companies no longer have to worry about files getting lost or misplaced, which previously resulted in fragmented and unsuccessful marketing campaigns.

A franchise marketing strategy can lead to higher efficiency, reduced costs, and many other benefits for franchisees.

Common Challenges with Franchise Marketing

A significant challenge of franchise marketing is aligning local affiliates with corporate strategy. While many franchisees are happy to comply, others will want to customize stores to their preferences.

Brands want consistent messaging in regional and local campaigns, and as a result, franchisees cannot design their stores as they see fit. While some retailers may allow flexibility in store layouts, franchises ask franchisees to maintain colors, typography, messaging, and overall store design to guarantee the same experience for customers every time.

Using Franchise Marketing in Your Stores

Franchise marketing, like digital asset management software, equips corporate with the tools they need to allow their local affiliates to launch franchise marketing campaigns in all of their stores.

Digital asset management software provides franchisees with corporate marketing collateral such as advertisements, posters, flyers, and menus to promote brand awareness and national campaigns on the local level. By allowing local affiliates to access to the management platform, they can easily edit the asset, add local messaging, and use the asset in their local marketing campaign while adhering to brand compliance guidelines and achieving a quick turnaround time.

Franchise marketing enables local stores to maintain the national brand using a cloud-based digital asset library software, like CampaignDrive by Pica9. National branding and marketing are beneficial in helping a local store build its presence in a new market. Customers have the brand awareness through national marketing initiatives or past experience and will visit the store looking for the same positive experience they’ve had at other store locations, further developing brand loyalty.

The Campaign Drive platform enables franchisees to equip their local affiliates with the tools they need to quickly create on-brand marketing collateral like posters, flyers, and emails. Instead of requesting that the corporate office create location-specific collateral which takes time away from the global marketing and design team, local affiliates can access the files they need allowing them to respond to local market trends when they need to.

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